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  • Saturday, 9 October 2021

    "Kavya Begs For Job, Anupamaaa Decides to Give her Job, Vanraj's Fight with Chef " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th October 2021


    "Kavya Begs For Job, Anupamaaa Decides to Give her Job, Vanraj's Fight with Chef " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th October 2021

    "Kavya Begs For Job, Anupamaaa Decides to Give her Job, Vanraj's Fight with Chef " Anupamaa Upcoming 9th October 2021.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Vanraj tries to forbid Samar from going to Delhi.



    Samar doesn’t listen to him and asks Anupama to focus on her work. Anupama asks Kinjal to make a cup of tea for Vanraj who’s will be in a bad mood until having his tea. After she leaves, Kavya too leaves the house for some work. In the office, Devika appreciates Anupama for her plan. She asks Anupama if everything is okay in the house after the Bhoomi pooja day.

    Anupamaa 9th October Today's Episode Written Update 

    Anupama tells her that Vanraj will not stop taunting her but she will also not stop taking a step ahead in her career. She tells Devika that Anuj’s support has changed her life and feels Anuj to be her blessings. Anuj hears Anupama and feels satisfied. He greets the ladies and asks them about the plan of selecting the women who cook well.


     Anupama tells him about her idea of arranging for a cooking competition so that they can select the women who can cook well. Anuj appreciates her idea and asks her to be the judge of the competition. Devika agrees with him. Anupama asks Anuj to be on the judgment plan along with him since he’s a good cook too. Nandini and Samar video calls each other after he reaches Delhi.



    Nandini asks him to make good use of the platform Anuj has provided to him. Rohan hears the conversation of Nandini and Samar hiding in a corner. Vanraj gets annoyed at Samar for getting trapped in Anuj’s plan. He calls Kavya to ask her about his credit card but doesn’t receive his call. He wonders and worries if Kavya has gone to meet Anuj getting angry with him.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 9th October 2021


    As Anuj and Anupama work together, Kavya visits Anuj’s office. Kavya asks Anuj if he has five minutes to talk to her. Anuj asks her what she wants to talk about. Kavya tells him that she wants to discuss the job offer he had given her earlier. Anuj asks her to wait in his cabin till he gets back to her. Kavya waits for Anuj in his cabin. She decides to be careful of what she does to get hold of the situation.

    Vanraj denies offering Anupama a special dish for his menu when a customer demands it. The customer requests him to make him the dish as he visits regularly his cafe. Vanraj gets irritated at him and misbehaves with the young customers asking them to leave. Soon other customers leave the cafe too.





     Jignesh tells him that he hasn’t done the right thing by misbehaving with the customers. He warns Vanraj that he might be the one responsible for the downfall of his business. After he leaves, the chef suggests Vanraj add the Anupama special dish to the menu and take help from Anupama. Anuj discusses with Anupama before talking to Kavya about the job offer.


    He tells Anupama that Kavya might be a good asset for his company as she has experience from her previous job. He tells her that he doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable with Kavya’s presence. He asks Anupama to decide between hiring Kavya. He asks her to think about the situation as she has to face Kavya both in her house and office. Anupama tells Anuj that she’s tensed about Vanraj’s reaction after Kavya joins his office.


    Vanraj misbehaves with the chef and asks him to get out. Before leaving, the chef tells him that he won’t be able to value others as he couldn’t value Anupama. Vanraj gets irritated as Kavya didn’t call him back and wonders about her whereabouts.

     Anuj enters his cabin. Kavya tells him that she didn’t have control over the personal level and promises to prove herself in her professional life once she gets a chance. Anuj tells her that she’s deserving of the job.



    He warns her to take the responsibility for Vanraj’s behavior so that he doesn’t create a scene in his office as Anupama matters to him. Kavya thanks Anuj for offering her the job. Anuj tells her that Anupama has allowed her to work in the office. He warns Kavya again so that Vanraj doesn’t create trouble coming to his office to ruin his workspace. Vanraj gets anxious and keeps calling Kavya.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 10th October 2021 :

     Vanraj creates a scene in the house after knowing Kavya’s job in Anuj’s company. Kavya tells him that he needs to see a doctor for his mental health. Vanraj breaks a vase and pushes Anupama when she goes to take care of her injured hand. Pakhi gets frustrated with her parents’ fight.

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