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  • Friday, 8 October 2021

    "Anupamaa Takes Care of Anuj Like Husband, Kavya -Vanraj's Fight " Anupamaa 8th October 2021 Upcoming


    "Anupamaa Takes Care of Anuj Like Husband, Kavya -Vanraj's Fight " Anupamaa 8th October 2021 Upcoming.

    "Anupamaa Takes Care of Anuj Like Husband, Kavya -Vanraj's Fight " Anupamaa 8th October 2021 Upcoming.

    The episode begins in Anuj’s office. Anuj asks Anupama to leave some work for the next day. Anupama decides to wrap up and leave.


    As Anuj tries to get up from his chair, his head spins. Anupama asks him if he’s fine. Anuj tells her that he hadn’t slept last night due to a migraine and couldn’t take the medicine since he hadn’t eaten anything. Anupama scolds him for being careless and asks him to sit on the chair. She goes out of his cabin and brings cold chocolate milk for Anuj.


    Anupamaa 8th October Today's Episode Written Update

    She asks him to drink the milk till the count of ten. Anuj hurriedly drinks the milk. Anupama apologizes to him for scolding him. Anuj tells a Shayari to her which she fails to understand. Anupama asks him to eat something and leaves for home. Anuj blushes as Anupama was with him for the entire day. Vanraj imagines Anupama confronting him for his objection to her friendship with Anuj.


    She politely suggests him sort things out between themselves as they have to tolerate each other being parents to their kids. She asks him why he’s being possessive about her when they are divorced. She tells him that he doesn’t have the right to question her for anything she does. She requests him to let her be in peace. She tells him how the family gets affected due to their fight. Soon his phone rings and he gets out of his imagination.



    He decides to meet Anupama but finds her talking to Anuj over call regarding a meeting. Anuj makes a dough when G.K asks him not to punch the dough. He tells G.K that he’s missing Anupama and wants to talk to her. G.K suggests him call Anupama to talk to her. Anuj tells him that he knows his limit and cannot break Anupama’s trust. G.K asks him to pray to Kanha ji to get Anupama in his life.


    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 8th October 2021

    While Anupama cooks in the kitchen, she asks Nandini and Kinjal to make a list of the women who can be employed in their restaurant. She asks them to take the contact number of Leela’s friends who know to cook well. Leela enters the kitchen and warns Anupama not to call any of her friends. She calls Anupama to be shameless for having a special friend like Anuj.


    Meanwhile, Kavya and Vanraj reach home. Kavya shouts at Vanraj for his carelessness towards the cafe. She notices Anupama, Leela, Nandini, and Kinjal in the kitchen. Vanraj asks her to shut up. Kavya tells him that everyone should know his irresponsibilities towards the cafe. She blames him for concentrating on Anuj and Anupama and being jealous of them.





    Vanraj asks him to stop it. Kavya asks him to at least focus on the cafe as he has already ruined her chance of working with Anuj. Both of them enter the house. Leela blames Anupama for her friendship with Anuj which is ruining the other relationships of the house. After she leaves the kitchen, Kinjal asks her not to take Leela seriously.


    Leela finds Vanraj and Kavya fighting with each other in their bedroom. Kavya asks him to see how Anupama has moved on in her life. Vanraj asks her not to teach him how to run his cafe and reminds her that he’s the same husband he used to be. Leela prays so that Anuj and Anupama’s friendship gets hampered and her family gets some peace. Kinjal and Nandini suggest Anupama create a mail id. Nandini makes a mail id of Anupama’s name.


    Anuj gets a mail from Anupama. He gets a call from someone and so calls Anupama to inform him about it. In the morning, Vanraj asks Kavya to make tea for him. He finds Anupama ready early in the morning and taunts her asking him if she’s going to London this time. Anupama informs him that Samar is going to Delhi. Samar calls Anupama when Vanraj snatches her phone to talk to him. He informs Vanraj that he’s going to attend a dance show.


     Vanraj shouts at him. Anupama asks him to talk to Samar calmly as he’s going’s to attend a corporate show. Leela asks Vanraj not to worry as Anuj is sending Samar to Delhi for the function.


    Precap For Anupamaa 9th October 2021 Upcoming :

    Vanraj worries about Kavya who’s not picking up his call. While Anupama and Anuj work together in the office, Kavya meets Anuj to talk to him about the job offer. Anuj tells Anupama that he cannot make her feel uncomfortable due to Kavya’s presence.

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