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  • Monday, 11 October 2021

    "Kavya Thanks Anupamaa For Job, Vanraj Gets Angry " Anupamaa 11th October 2021 Full Episode


    "Kavya Thanks Anupamaa For Job, Vanraj Gets Angry " Anupamaa 11th October 2021 Full Episode

    "Kavya Thanks Anupamaa For Job, Vanraj Gets Angry " Anupamaa 11th October 2021 Full Episode.

    The episode begins in Anuj’s office. Anuj asks Kavya to take the time to decide if she would agree to his conditions.



    Kavya tells him that she agrees to his conditions and promises to handle Vanraj so that he doesn’t create any trouble. Anuj welcomes Kavya to his company. Kavya thanks him. Anuj asks her to thank Anupama. Leela gets the smell from the kitchen and finds Pakhi there. Pakhi tells her that she has topped in her half-yearly exam and is baking cake to give a surprise to her parents.

    Anupamaa 11th October Today's Episode Written Update


     She tells Leela that she wants her parents to be happy for few moments as their happiness matter to her. Leela decides to bake together with Pakhi. After Kavya comes out of Anuj’s cabin, Anupama congratulates her. Kavya thanks her for giving her the chance. Anupama tells her that she knows how much it hurts when one doesn’t get what she deserves. She feels that instead of fighting one woman should help the other woman to go forward in life.


     She tells Kavya that she’s different but not wrong. She requests Kavya not to spoil or do anything wrong as there are other women’s dreams related to this project. She shakes her hand with Kavya. Seeing Anupama’s gestures towards Kavya, Anuj gets impressed. Anuj hopes that Vanraj doesn’t create any more scenes. Leela gets shocked when Hasmukh informs her that Vanraj has terminated his chef from the job.




     Hasmukh accuses Vanraj of his anger. Leela asks him not to blame Vanraj as Anupama is responsible for it. Hasmukh doesn’t understand how Anupama is responsible for Vanraj terminating his chef from the job. Leela tells him that Anupama has troubled Vanraj’s mental peace. Hasmukh reminds her how Vanraj and she taunt Anupama every time and also blames her for everything.


    He tells Leela that Anupama wouldn’t be there to help Vanraj come out of his crisis like every time she does. Leela gets worried as Vanraj would break down if the cafe shuts down. Pakhi arranges the cake and asks Leela to get ready as her parents will be arriving soon. Kinjal finds Nandini to be tensed and asks her about it. Nandini tells her that during his aerial step Samar’s string got broken but is safe as there was support below.


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    Nandini tells her that it wasn’t a mere accident but doesn’t feel that Rohan has done it. Kinjal asks her not to overthink. Pakhi hugs Kinjal and Nandini. Vanraj comes downstairs getting fresh. Meanwhile, Kavya and Anupama reach home. Pakhi informs her parents that she has topped her half-yearly exam. The family blesses Pakhi and feels proud of her. Pakhi cuts the cake and makes everyone eat it.



    Anupama appreciates the cake baked by Pakhi and Leela. Pakhi decides to video call Samar and Paritosh. Kavya requests her to video call her brothers inside her room as she has something important to discuss with the family. Devika gets shocked to know that Anuj has employed Kavya in this project. She asks Anuj how he could hire Kavya listening to Anupama.


     She tells Anuj that Kavya always creates scenes. Vanraj strictly asks Kavya where she was. Kavya asks him to chill and tells him that she had gone to meet Anuj in his office. Anuj tells Devika that he loves Anupama but didn’t discriminate being in love. So he doesn’t want to discriminate being angry at Kavya due to her husband’s misbehavior. Kavya informs Vanraj that she’s joining Anupama’s team as project marketing head. The family gets shocked.


     Vanraj asks Kavya to have self-respect. Kavya tells him that she has got the job which she deserves and that’s all. Anuj tells Devika that he learns something new every day from Anupama. Devika asks him to be careful of Kavya as she’s going to create trouble. Anuj asks her to handle everything. Devika asks her to handle Anupama. Vanraj asks Kavya why she has to work at Anuj’s office. Kavya tells him that she has tried at many companies but didn’t get the job anywhere. Vanraj asks her about the cafe which she wanted to run.



    Kavya tells him that she didn’t let her run the cafe. Vanraj tells her that Anuj is Anupama’s puppet and so has given the job to her.


    Precap For Anupamaa 12th October 2021 Full Episode :

     Vanraj pushes Anupama. Kavya holds Anupama from falling on the floor. Pakhi gets frustrated by her parents’ fight. Vanraj and Anupama decide to end the fight for their family’s sake.

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