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  • Thursday, 16 September 2021

    Anupamaa 16th September 2021 Full Episode " Leela Questions At Anupamaa's Character, Devika comes to Help "


    Anupamaa 16th September 2021 Full Episode " Leela Questions At Anupamaa's Character, Devika comes to Help "

     Anupamaa 16th September 2021 Full Episode " Leela Questions At Anupamaa's Character, Devika comes to Help ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Leela questions Anupama about Anuj and G.K’s arrival at their house every day.



    Hasmukh asks her to stop while Paritosh feels Leela be right. Paritosh blames Samar for allowing Anuj to come to their house. Anupama asks why no one questioned Vanraj when Kavya used to visit their house for the last nine years as his friend. She tells everyone that Anuj isn’t her friend but was her classmate. She asks why Anuj cannot help her when Vanraj helped Kavya for years in his office. Vanraj tells her that he knows the truth about these friendships.


    Anupamaa 16th September Today's Episode Written Update


     Samar asks him to behave properly with Anupama. Vanraj asks him to behave properly with his father. Kinjal feels Samar be right and tells Vanraj that he’s doing wrong. Hasmukh stands with Kinjal. Paritosh and Leela keep questioning Anuj and G.K’s intention. Kinjal asks Paritosh to change his narrow mindset. Hasmukh gets irritated at Paritosh’s stupidity.



    Paritosh asks him to understand the truth. Samar tells everyone that Kavya, Vanraj, and Paritosh are jealous of Anupama’s success. Paritosh calls Anuj’s intention to be wrong. Kavya and Kinjal go into a verbal fight. Hasmukh asks everyone to be quiet. Leela asks Anupama to reject Anuj’s proposal. Hasmukh calls Leela’s mindset to be so narrow. Paritosh agrees with Leela. Vanraj asks Anupama to say no to Anuj’s offer and tells her mockingly that he will provide a place for her dance academy after selling the factory.




    Anupama asks him to check the calendar and get reminded that he’s no longer her husband. Leela orders Anupama to reject Anuj’s proposal. G.K asks Anuj how Anupama’s going to repay the bank loan. Anuj tells him that he’s going to offer her something after she accepts the partnership. Vanraj enters his room and loses his temper at Anuj for selecting Anupama’s idea. Kavya follows him and asks him to relax as she’s getting a job and their factory will get sold too.


    She asks Vanraj not to be possessive towards Anupama as she isn’t his wife anymore. Vanraj decides to instigate Leela and Paritosh to stop Anupama from accepting the partnership of Anuj. Kinjal tells Hasmukh that Anupama is getting a lifetime opportunity in her career. Hasmukh tells her that no one can be happy with a woman’s success and they are given a little world. Samar tells them that Anuj has understood Anupama’s ability in three days whereas the Shahs keep putting her down.

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai  Today's Written Update 15th September 2021

    Hasmukh feels disappointed with his family’s attitude towards Anupama’s success. Samar and Kinjal decide to stand by Anupama and support her. Anupama dances out her pain and humiliation from the Shahs. She cries as the Shahs question about Anuj and her friendship.





    Anuj and G.K have a meal together when the former asks G.K if Anupama will look good wearing the ghungroos. G.K appreciate the blush on Anuj’s face. He wonders when Anupama will reply to them about the partnership. Devika enters the dance academy and tells Anupama that Hasmukh has called her while Samar and Kinjal told her everything happened in the Shah house.


    Anupama asks her not to discuss anything again. Devika stops her. Paritosh enters Vanraj’s room and tells him that Anupama wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibilities of being in a partnership in a business. He wonders how Anuj could take such a decision just because Anupama offered him the idea. Vanraj agrees with him and feels that Anupama should do whatever she’s doing now. Anupama blames Devika for teasing her with Anuj’s name earlier.


     Devika tells her that friends tease among themselves. She asks Anupama to choose her path instead of making judgments from Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj tells Paritosh that society will humiliate Anupama and they won’t be able to handle the situation. Anupama asks Devika to stop her nonsense. Devika tells her that Anuj isn’t a roadside Romeo but a businessman. Anupama tells her that Leela and Paritosh are also against her accepting Anuj’s proposal. Vanraj tells Paritosh that he has no problem with Anupama’s success but not sacrificing his family.



    Paritosh tells him that he cannot tolerate Anuj. Devika asks Anupama to talk to Leela about her wish to work and slap Paritosh to make him understand her importance. She asks Anupama to love herself at first as her family doesn’t love her in the same way. She calls Hasmukh to be the best person in the family. Paritosh decides to convince Anupama to reject Anuj’s proposal.


    He asks Vanraj if he feels Anuj has feelings for Anupama. Vanraj tells him that Anuj is still single which makes him doubt his intention towards Anupama. Anupama tells Devika that she cannot go against Leela as she supported her going against Vanraj. Devika tells her that both Leela and Paritosh are doing wrong by trying to stop her from moving ahead in her life. Anupama requests her not to instigate her against her family.


    Precap for Anupamaa 17th September 2021 Full Episode :

     Anupama distributes sweets to the Shahs and informs them that she has decided to work with Anuj Kapadia. 

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