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  • Wednesday, 15 September 2021

    "Ram Supports Priya and Saves her Reputation " Bade Acche Lagte Hai 15th September 2021 Today's Full Episode


    "Ram Supports Priya and Saves her Reputation " Bade Acche Lagte Hai 15th September 2021 Today's Full Episode

    "Ram Supports Priya and Saves her Reputation " Bade Acche Lagte Hai 15th September 2021 Today's Full Episode.

    The episode starts with Priya. A man mistakenly call her servant but she replies politely to him. Ram notices this and feels good.



     Meetu isn't happy with Ram and Priya's relationship. She wants Ram to marry her friend's daughter. Sandy takes Priya into a room and Sara follows them. Sandy asks Sara to do a light makeup for Priya because she is looking so simply. Priya refuses but Sandy isn't ready to listen to her. Priya gets emotional then Sara tells her that Meera is so happy today only because of her.


    Priya says to Sara that she wants to tell Ram about their relationship with Mahendra. Later Sandy is enjoying Meetu and her friend's conversation alot. Nandini notices her. Sandy makes fun of Meetu but shocks within the same moment when Nandini introduces Meetu as her sister in law. Other side, Neeraj says to Maitri that Priya doesn't love Ram because she still loves him only.



     He further says that he can still feel that he responsible for Priya's rude behaviour with everyone. He claims that Priya is forcing herself to marry Ram. Ram is enjoying themself a lot with his friends. Aditya asks Ram to meet Priya but he doesn't where she is. Ram's heart beats fast when he notices Vedika. He goes to her but Vedika is avoiding him. Ram feels so bad.



     Later Sara tells to Priya that no relationship is perfect in this world but they have to make one with their efforts. A flashback plays infront of Priya's eyes for the first moment she met and argued with Ram. She thinks and says that her match is totally imperfect with Ram because they don't have anything common between them except their incomplete love stories.


    Vedika unintentionally enters into Priya's room. She tells Priya about her spoil lipstick. Vedika brings the another lipstick from her purse for Priya. Priya introduces her as Ram's fiance to her. Vedika tells her that she noticed her in the club also when she was there to discuss something with Ram. Vedika gives her favourite lipstick to Priya and later also helps her. They both are spending a good time with eachother. Priya asks Vedika about her relationship with Ram.

    BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAI 15th September  Full Episode


    Vedika introduces her as Ram's friend. Later Neeraj says to Maitri that he is brother in law for Priya but her heart still thinks about him only. Maitri feels bad after listening this. She leaves Neeraj alone in the roka ceremony. Other side, Nandini again meets with Sandy. They both are having a  good conversation with eachother but Meetu interrupts them. Later Priya reaches on the stage for the roka ceremony and Ram joins her.




    Meera seems happy to see Priya's new relationship. Ram loses into Priya's eyes. Priya asks Sara if she is looking weird with lipstick because Ram is staring at her. Neeraj makes fun of Ram and Priya's couple. Maitri is now fed up of listening about only Ram and Priya from Neeraj. Neeraj also gets irritated with Maitri's rude behaviour with him.


    Maitri argues with Neeraj that Priya doesn't think about him now. But Neeraj replies to Maitri that Priya still feels jealous of her because she is his wife instead of her. Ram is thinking to praise Priya but he thinks that this will make Priya angry. Priya is thinking about Ram's way of staring at her and doesn't want Ram to say something to her.


    On another side, Neeraj again talks about his past relationship with Priya. He says to Maitri that Priya will never forget him. Meetu and Nandini shock after listening to this. Meetu makes the issue of this thing but Nandini remains silent. Nandini says to Meera that she should inform her before about this. Neeraj claims that Priya still loves him. But Priya makes it clear in front of everyone that Neeraj is her past and now she doesn't want to waste her time on him.



    Nandini's brother points out the thing that Priya's brother-in-law was her boyfriend in the past and her sister married him. Meetu again makes the issue of it. Sara tries to give a statement but before her Maitri says that Neeraj and Priya's relationship was broken but she loves Neeraj that's why she married him. Meera also justifies her.


    Priya says that she doesn't anyone now as everything is just rubbish for her. Ram clears to Priya that loving someone isn't a bad thing but her choice was wrong that's why she suffered. He says that everyone made mistakes but later on making things better is most important. Brinda and Aditya agree with Ram. But Nandini is still angry. Akshay's father is trying to solve the situation. Akshay's mother blames Priya for destroying Akshay's happiness.


    Akshay asks her not to speak ill about her because she is responsible for his wedding with Shivina.  Priya says to Sara that she wants to tell them about Mahendra also. But Sara stops her. Ram makes Priya comfortable. Later both the families perform the roka rituals. Priya again makes it clear to Ram that she doesn't love Neeraj and will never love someone else also. Ram tells her that he still loves his ex.


    Precap For Bade Acche Lagte Hai 16th September 2021 Today's Full Episode :

     Priya asks Ram about his ex's views about his new relationship. Ram replies that his ex is happy with his new journey. Ram and Priya exchange rings with each other. Everyone is so happy for them.

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