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  • Thursday, 16 September 2021

    Bade Acche Lagte Hai 16th September 2021 Today's Full Episode " Priya-Ram Gets Engaged "


    Bade Acche Lagte Hai 16th September 2021 Today's Full Episode " Priya-Ram Gets Engaged "

     Bade Acche Lagte Hai 16th September 2021 Today's Full Episode " Priya-Ram Gets Engaged ".

    The episode starts with Ram. He shares his love experience with Priya. Ram tells Priya that he still loves his ex and he thinks that he no one can understand love better than him.



    He asks Priya if she wants to meet his ex. But Priya refuses to do so and questions Ram about his ex's views about his new relationship. Ram replies that his ex has left him that's why he is here to marry her. Priya makes him clear that this wedding means nothing to her. Ram replies that they both are aware of the reality of their wedding but they both should act happily to make Neeraj jealous and regret it.


    Another side, Akshay and Shivina exchange rings with each other. Everyone cheers for the moment. They both are so happy now. Ram asks Priya to fake a smile to make Neeraj jealous again. They both are having a good time with each other. Neeraj feels so jealous seeing Priya that much happy with Ram. Maitri says to Neeraj that Priya is happily moving forward in her life. Ram tells Priya that she is the person who laughs at his worse jokes.



     Now it comes for Priya and Ram's ring exchange ceremony. Priya is thinking about telling Ram about Mahendra. Ram is thinking about whether to introduce Vedika and Priya with each other or not. Ram's friends are so happy for him. Brinda praises Priya's smile as she is seeing her smiling for the first time.



     Nandini gifts a beautiful necklace to Priya. Ram and Priya exchange rings with each other. Everyone congratulates them. The Sood family is so happy for Priya today. Shashi goes aside leaving Vedika alone. It seems that Vedika's heart is wrenching seeing Ram with someone else. She gets emotional and leaves the party hall. Neeraj also leaves the party hall but in anger.


    Priya thinks that everyone is judging her relationship with Ram because she is a middle class girl and Ram is a rich man. But she'll tolerate everything for her family's sake. Ram thinks that Priya and he has lost their loves but they both can do anything for the happiness of their families and this things will act as a pillar for their relationship. He thinks more that he and Priya have no expectations from each other for their relationship.


     Later after the rituals, the Sood family return to their house. Akshay's mother blames Priya for everything that happened in the ceremony because of Priya and Neeraj's past relationship. Priya apologizes to her. Akshay blames Neeraj only and says that Neeraj always speaks uselessly. He also makes it clear that he is going to marry Shivina only because of Priya. Sara agrees with him. Sara appreciates Ram also. She says that Ram handled the situation very wisely.




    Meera agrees with Sara. Everyone is going to sleep now but Akshay's mother stops everyone. She says to Priya that they need to call Mahendra for Priya's wedding. Priya replies to her that Mahendra has abandoned them so he'll never become a part of their happiness. Akshay's mother says that when questions will arise about Mahendra then this can break Akshay's wedding.

    BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAI 15th September  Full Episode


    Priya asks everyone think to deal with the situation. Suddenly their doorbell rings and everyone shocks to see Mahendra Sood there. Another side, Ram thanks Shashi for being a part of his happiness. He says to him that he is doing everything just for Shivina's happiness. Shashi says to him that he always wants a good partner like Vedika for him. Ram replies that Priya is so different and none of them have any love lust. Vedika arrives there then Shashi leaves.


     Vedika congratulates Ram for his new relationship. She says that she wants a good and happy life for him. Ram apologizes to her for Sid and Shivina's relationship. Vedika gets emotional then she leaves making an excuse to Ram. Brinda is happy for Ram and Priya's relationship but Ram's other friends suspect Priya's behavior. They all have some fun with Ram.



    Brinda takes Ram aside to discuss something with him. Brinda praises Ram's skills he used while handling the situation when Neeraj was blaming Priya. She explains to Ram that this society has different rules for boys and girls because he also loves a girl but no one blames him. But when it came to Priya everyone started pointing out. She says that today she understood the reality behind Priya's rude behavior.


    Later Mahendra tells to everyone that he has broken his relationship with his second wife Rakhi and their son Raj. He says that he wanted to join Priya's wedding but Rakhi and Raj argued with him over this. He further says that he wants to be a part of Priya's wedding. He seeks Meera's permission to stay with them till Priya's wedding.


    Akshay's mother convinces Meera then Meera allows him and says that Mahendra's staying with them will burry the further question for them. But Priya isn't happy with Meera's decision. Later Mahendra sends a message to Shashi and informs him about his arrival and says that he'll break both the weddings now.


    Precap For  Bade Acche Lagte Hai 17th September 2021: 

     Sood family introduces Mahendra to the Kapoor family. Nandini gets angry after learning about him.


    Ram asks Priya to tell him everything about her family as they're going to start a new journey together.

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