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  • Thursday, 10 June 2021

    Anupmaa Written Update 10th June 2021 "Anupmaa's Special Farewell Dinner, Vanraj Pushes Kavya She Gets Hurt "


    Anupmaa Written Update 10th June 2021 "Anupmaa's Special Farewell Dinner, Vanraj Pushes Kavya She Gets Hurt "

    Anupmaa Written Update 10th June 2021 "Anupmaa's Special Farewell Dinner, Vanraj Pushes Kavya She Gets Hurt ".

    The episode begins in the resort. Dolly, Kinjal, and Pakhi cook for Anupamaa’s welcoming.



    Paritosh teases Pakhi as she wants to make a sweet dish. Pakhi gets annoyed and both of them have fun arguing with each other. Kavya notices them and tells them about her special dish for Vanraj. She invites them if they want to join Vanraj and her for dinner. At night, Kavya blindfolds Vanraj to give him a surprise. Vanraj gets hurt by a candle as his eyes were blindfolded.

    Anupamaa 10th June Today's Episode Written Update


    Kavya gets emotional as Vanraj scolds her. Looking at the decoration of the room, Vanraj apologizes to Kavya. Kavya too apologizes to him for her behavior towards him and his family. She plays a song and asks Vanraj to start afresh forgetting the past. She hugs Vanraj trying to get romantic with him. Anupamaa gets a surprise as her family cooked a special dish for her.


     She gets surprised when Samar makes fun of Pakhi. Pakhi makes her mother taste the sweet dish. Anupamaa praises the dish cooked by Pakhi. The family gives shagun to Pakhi for cooking her first dish. Anupamaa tells her that she will give the shagun later as she doesn’t have anything to give now. Pakhi asks her to promise her that she won’t leave her family. Anupamaa gets emotional and kisses Pakhi’s hands. Samar warns Pakhi funnily not to make his mother cry.




     Anupamaa agrees with Samar and feels that they should party to celebrate Pakhi’s first cooked dish. Kavya and Vanraj get romantic with the soft music. Meanwhile, they get disturbed by the loud noise played by the Shahs for their celebration. Kavya gets irritated and blames the Shahs for ruining their romance. The Shahs dance and make fun among themselves.


    Vanraj and Kavya come out to see the Shahs. Vanraj smiles looking at his family’s enjoyment. Pakhi tells Vanraj about the sweet dish she cooked for the first time and asks him if he would join them for dinner. Vanraj smiles and goes to his room to take his phone.


     Kavya asks him where he’s going. Vanraj tells her that Pakhi is calling him to join the family for the dinner. Kavya gets emotional as she cooked special dishes for him too. Vanraj asks her not to worry as he will come back after tasting Pakhi’s dish.

    Kavya requests Vanraj not to go. Vanraj asks her to understand that his daughter has cooked something for the first time and he should go. Kavya asks him if her efforts don’t matter to him as she has cooked for the first time after their marriage.  Vanraj loses his temper and gets rid of Kavya’s hold. Kavya gets hurt in her forehead due to the pillar while Vanraj leaves. Vanraj visits his family. Pakhi makes him sit and tastes him the dish she cooked. Vanraj appreciates Pakhi’s dish and dances with her.



    Kavya gets hurt as she bleeds too. In the morning, Anupamaa and the Shahs pray to the almighty. Days pass by and Anupamaa gradually recovers. Vanraj and Kavya’s equation remains the same as before as they argue and fight every time. Samar brings Anupamaa’s test reports and informs the family that her reports are normal.


    Anupamaa thanks Kanha ji for giving her a new life. Finally, the day arrives when Anupamaa and the Shahs have to leave the resort and move back to their home. They give a photo frame and a card to Advait as a gift to thank him for his help and support. Advait gets emotional and thanks to them for treating him like a family member. Leela thanks Advait for making them hear the beautiful tune of his flute.


    Nandini thanks Advait for letting them eat the fruits of his garden and Kinjal thanks him for being everyone’s friend. Anupamaa gives him the money and tells him that she will give the rest in installments. Advait hugs Leela and Hasmukh. Vanraj and Kavya arrive. Advait hugs Vanraj too. Kavya thanks Advait for the good days spent in the resort. Anupamaa takes her kinds of stuff from the room. She takes the nameplate of her name and gets emotional while leaving the place. She asks Advait to bid her the way they met for the first time. Advait plays the flute while the Shahs take leave.


    Anupamaa recalls the memories of her stay in the resort and walks towards the main gate of the resort. She thanks the place and wishes to come back someday. The Shahs reach the main gate and finds two cars, one for the family and the other for Kavya and Vanraj. Kavya gets happy as her car is decorated for the newlywed.


    Precap For Anupmaa Written Update 11th June 2021 :

     As the Shahs reach their house, Hasmukh gives them a surprise. He tells everyone that he has divided the house into three parts one for Vanraj, Dolly, and the other for Anupamaa.

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