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  • Thursday, 10 June 2021

    Pandya Stores 10th June 2021 Written Update " Suman Tells Dhara To Leave, Rishita Saves Everyone "


    Pandya Stores 10th June 2021 Written Update " Suman Tells Dhara To Leave, Rishita Saves Everyone "

    Pandya Stores 10th June 2021 Written Update " Suman Tells Dhara To Leave, Rishita Saves Everyone ".

    The episode begins at Mukhteswar. Shiva tries to wake Raavi asking her to keep her eyes open but she is unconscious.



    He calls out for help and others come there for them. Everyone tries hard to remove the things fallen over them and Rishita asks Raavi to open her eyes. Dev also comes to their rescue when others find it difficult to lift things. They get worried seeing Shiva and Raavi lying down wounded. Rishita pours water over Raavi and she hugs her when she wakes up.


     Brothers look at them and hugs together. They all keep their hands together as they are united. Rishita takes Raavi out with the water she took from there while Shiva is helped by his brothers. Suman says that she has already warned that Dhara will be out of the house if she does something bad and asks her to call Hardik to pick her from there.




    She stops Gautam from telling anything and says that this is her decision. She tells that if he doesn't agree with the decision he is free to go with her and she won't stop him. Prafulla appreciates herself for recording the incidents and sends them to Anita so that she will know what scene she missed here. Shiva tells Dev that they should reach the temple soon and Krish says that only a little time is left for puja.




     Rishita says that they can reach the temple if they go now and Dev asks whether the people who brought the tractor can take them but Krish says that they are wounded. Shiva asks them to sit in the tractor and says he will drive. Rishita tells that he can't drive as he has hurt his legs but he says that his wound is nothing big than what Dhara is going to receive from his mother.


    She asks them to sit at the back as she will drive and when others try to stop she says that everything will be fine. She starts the tractor and goes to the temple. The priest says to Suman that only 10 minutes are left in the time for the puja and asks whether they want to perform puja or not. Suman says that she will do puja and stops Dhara when she tries to help her to wake up from her seat.

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    Prafulla is really happy seeing the hard situation of the Pandya family and says that the only thing she looks at now is whether Gautam will leave the house with Dhara. Rishita drives the tractor while others are wounded and tired. The priest says to Suman that they need water from Mukhteswar for puja and she tells him that her sons will bring it now. Gautam tells Dhara that they should've already reached there.





     Suman asks Dhara to pack her things while they hear the sound of the tractor. Everyone gets worried to see them wounded and they help each other to get down from the tractor. Dhara asks Raavi what happened that they are hurt like this. Gautam and Dhara get concerned seeing their wounds while Suman also starts asking what happened to them.


    Dev says that they got stuck in Mukhteswar when the stones started falling and got wounded. Everyone gets shocked when Shiva says that Rishita brought them outside and tells them that no one knows what would've happened to them if she didn't come. He starts by explaining what exactly occurred there and how Rishita rescued them from arriving on time. Shiva and Krish give credit to Rishita for bringing them here without wasting time and Dhara hugs her thanking them for what she did today for the family.


    Shiva tells Dhara that she was always right and her decision by brought changes in their relationship. He says that even if others don't understand her three kids will always understand her and tells that they have learned the thing which she wanted to teach them by separating. Dev and Shiva ask why Gautam is sad but he hugs his brothers telling them that everything is fine as they came back safe.




    Suman asks them to come to their worried mother and they go near her. She hugs them together and asks whether she should ask the priest to tell time for others to come near her. Raavi hugs her and Suman asks why Rishita is standing there for a special time. Rishita tells that she thought Suman called only Raavi and she happily goes to hug her.


    Suman says that by protecting her sons Rishita has proven that she is daughter in law and strength of the Pandya family. She gets happy hearing appreciation and the priest says that they have only 5 minutes now. Dev says that the water he took fell there itself but Raavi tells that she has taken water and they can use that together like Dhara made her part of preparing offering by asking her to put tulsi leaves.


    Dhara asks Rishita also to put tulsi leaves in the offerings and she tells that mother has decided that she should leave the house for what she did. Dhara takes blessings from Suman and everyone gets emotional hearing this. She says that she is happy that even if she goes her sisters-in-law will keep the family together. 

    They recall Dhara taking care of them in the past and she tries to console Gautam who is sad. She walks away from the family while others try to convince Suman.


    Precap For Pandya Stores 11th June 2021 Written Update :

     Shiva tells Suman that they can't live without Dhara and Dev says that they will die even if they breathe if she is gone. Suman calls Dhara and she turns to see her family there.

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