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  • Wednesday, 9 June 2021

    Pandya Stores 9th June 2021 Written Update " Rishita Rescues Dev and Krish, Shiva-Ravi are Still Stuck "


    Pandya Stores 9th June 2021 Written Update " Rishita Rescues Dev and Krish, Shiva-Ravi are Still Stuck ".

    Pandya Stores 9th June 2021 Written Update " Rishita Rescues Dev and Krish, Shiva-Ravi are Still Stuck ".

    The episode begins at Mukteshwar. Shiva tells Raavi that he is wild but not selfish and says that he won't agree if she tells him that he will leave her.



    The building is falling while Krish tries to escape from the danger. Shiva removes the things stuck on their feet and Raavi says him sorry thinking about the happenings when they were kidnapped. He asks her to accept the truth silently as there is no need to talk about everything. Raavi is in pain while Shiva takes her out of the room along with the water taken from Mukhteswar. They fall again but saves water and starts coughing. She asks whether he is okay and he nods yes.



     Raavi asks Shiva to hold her hands and tries to help him up. He protects Raavi from falling on her as things start to fall on them. Rishita comes to that place in a tractor and thinks that she cannot leave Dev not because she can't return home but as she loves him endlessly. She gets horrified seeing Anita unconscious and tries to wake her up.


    The people on the tractor helps her to the vehicle. Rishita calls for Dev while he hears her voice from inside and responds that they are stuck here so she has to bring help from outside. Raavi is concerned about Shiva when she is in pain but he says that he is okay and tells her that she always talks like radio but not doing that when it is needed.



    Rishita asks them to call Fire Brigade or ambulance as her phone is not working but they say that there are no such services here. 

    She requests those people to go with her inside and they agree to help.

    She enters the place while people inside are struggling to escape. Things fall over them which makes the situation difficult. Rishita calls for Dev where he was and he responds from the place he was lying down stuck between falling things. While Krish is also frightened seeing the danger surrounding them.


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    Suman says that seeing her sons beaten up her heartaches but she is more sad thinking that her sons were separated when she was alive and couldn't do anything as she didn't know. She says that Dhara broke her trust as she used to say in whole Somnaath that daughter in law must be like Dhara who joins their family. But she broke everything when some issues occurred when new daughters-in-law came home.


     Shiva tries to wake up Raavi who is going unconscious telling them that she won't let him die easily and she responds the same. He asks her to keep some courage and tries to get up but his efforts go in vain. Rishita sees Dev lying down and she removes things with the help of others.




     She wakes him up apologizing to him and he gets conscious coughing while she hugs him. The people who came to help ask her to get out of the place quickly with him as things are worsening. Krish starts calling for Dev while Rishita is stopped by the others telling them that there is danger but she tells that she can't leave Krish alone here as her family is more important for her.


    She requests them to come with her. Gautam asks Suman to understand Dhara as she did everything to keep them together. She breaks a stick and asks Dhara to bring them together again. Dhara says that how can she do that but Suman tells that her husband claimed that she is a magician who can join after breaking things.


    She says that the relationships are so delicate and it can't be joined once it is broken. She tells that their relation broke like this and Prafulla is recording everything on her phone. Rishita and others find Krish removing the things. She asks whether he is okay and she hugs him when he responds. She says he got stuck here even after being a ghost to which he laughs and she helps him to get up from there.



     Raavi tells Shiva that he said right that they will reach today and he says that he won't let him die like this. He asks her to wake up as she has to fight a lot with him and tries to make her talk asking her to sing. Rishita tells that now everything will be okay as she came and they will get out of the place. 

    Dev tells Krish that Shiva and Raavi are there but the people who came with Rishita tell her that they should get out before the situation get more critical. She says that two more people are stuck inside and she can't leave the place without saving everyone in her family even if anything happens. She asks them to help her once again and tells Krish to ask them. 

    Krish says her that they will both go to search for them and she goes inside with them telling Dev that she will come soon. They move but there are several obstacles in their path while Shiva is talking to Raavi singing songs. 

    The recap is shown when he sang this in-vehicle and Raavi corrects him telling him he sang wrong even now. He asks he to keep their eyes open as she goes unconscious and gets worried for her.


    Precap For Pandya Stores 10th June 2021 Written Update:

     Suman asks Dhara why she is standing there like a ghost and tells her to pack things. She walks away getting emotional from Gautam who is heartbroken. Rishita drives the tractor with her family members inside.

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