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  • Tuesday, 4 June 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 4th June 2019 Episode Written Update

    Anurag gets shocked when he comes to know that Prerna has been abducted. Ronit enjoys to see Anurag suffering from the pain. Anurag asks him who is he, but Ronit doesn't let him know anything. Anurag asks him to play the game with him and leave Prerna. Ronit asks Anurag to come to Star City Mall and if he will reach the mall within 10 minutes, he will leave Prerna, otherwise he will take her with himself. Anurag rushes out towards the mall. Anupam watches him and joins him. Ronit brings Prerna to the parking of the mall. He tells Prerna that he lied to her that Anurag was at gunpoint. He slaps Prerna when she tells Ronit that Anurag will not spare him. Ronit calls Raja and tells him that Anurag has left for the mall and asks him to make sure that he doesn't reach the mall in 10 minutes. Raja implements his plan and calls police and tells them that his car collided with another car and asks police to come there soon. He spots Anurag's car and deliberately collides his car with Anurag's car. He starts arguing with Anurag for the accident. Anurag knows that he was not at mistake, but still he agrees to pay the damage because he doesn't have much time to reach the mall. But, the man starts arguing with Anurag that he damaged his favourite car. Anurag asks Anupam to handle the matter, but before he may leave police arrives there. He tells inspector that there is nothing, but a little damage and requests him to let him go as he have to reach somewhere urgently. Raja accuses Anurag of drink and drive case to waste more time. Anupam threatens Raja that he will call commissioner and open his all case. Raja gets silent, but he has already wasted Anurag's much time. Anurag tells inspector that case is going on at the mall and he must reach there. He convinces the inspector to let him go and leaves Anupam to handle the case. But, inspector doesn't allow him to take the car as they need to inspect the car. Anurag runs towards the mall.
    As the 10 minutes passed away and Ronit stopped Anurag from reaching the mall on time. He pushes Prerna into the van to take her away. The little dumb girl watches them forcing Prerna to get into the van. Ronit takes her away. The little girl, Sneha's nanny comes to her. She gestures and tells her about what she just saw. They see Nivedita searching for Prerna and tells her about what the girl saw. On the way, Ronit sees Anurag running towards the mall while he is taking Prerna away from him. Prerna shouts to call for Anurag. Ronit covers her mouth. Anurag listens her, but as he couldn't see her he rushes towards the mall. He reaches the mall and finds Nivedita with police. Nivedita tells him that Prerna has been abducted. Anurag bursts into tears. He feels helpless and guilty and he was late and he couldn't save Prerna. Anupam also reaches there. Nivedita tries to calm him down and tells him about Sneha who saw the accident. She assures Anurag that they will find her. Sneha makes sketch of the van and writes the vehicle number on a paper. Her clue is very important to solve the case. Nivedita goes to the RTO office to get details of the van. Anurag requests inspector to inform all the police stations and ask them to stop this van wherever they see it. Inspector assures him that they will handle the matter.
    Ronit takes Prerna to a deserted mansion. He ties her there with her life under risk by the iron rods planted on the floor. He wants to give a painful death to Prerna. He has planned a murder that will look like an accident to others. Anurag thanks the little Sneha for the help. He feels relieved when he hugs the little girl. Sneha with her nanny. He asks God to tell Prerna that he is coming. Prerna can hear his voice. She tells Ronit that Anurag is coming there and he will save her. She warns Ronit of the consequences. Ronit tells her about his plan to give a painful death to both of them together. Prerna warns him to not speak anything against Anurag, otherwise she will forget who she is and he doesn't know what she will do to him. Ronit gets enraged to see Prerna's courage and holds her at gunpoint.
    Precap: Anurag reaches to Prerna. As Anurag and Prerna are about to escape from the mansion, Ronit attacks Anurag with an iron rod and injures his head.

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