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  • Tuesday, 4 June 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 4th June 2019 Written Update

    Kaira return home. Kartik is upset by the ruined evening. As Naira tries to open his stick, they slip and fall on the bed. Kartik tries to get close to Naira, but Naira pulls herself back as she remembers doctor's statement. Kirti and Naksh are thinking about Kartik and Naira. They felt that some issue is going on between them. They hope the matter not to be serious. Naksh asks Kirti if they should talk to them, but Kirti thinks that they should not interfare in a married couple's matter. They know how sorted Kartik and Naira are and expect them to solve the matter soon.
    The next morning, Goenkas are preparing for a veneration at their home. Manish calls Mihir, but he doesn't answer the call. Akhilesh tells Manish that Mihir must be busy at the wedding. The bride wanted her designer to make her wear the jewellery and it to be videotaped. Naira is calling the doctor to ask about the confirmation reports, but she is unable to talk to doctor. Kartik notices Naira on the call and thinks if she is too trying to call Mihir. Suhasini asks Naira to stay home to fulfill her responsibilities for the veneration and her family. Naira is not going to attend the royal wedding. Suhasini taunts Naira that she doesn't have time for Kartik. Naira feels hurt and she goes to talk to Suhasini alone. She asks Suhasini why a woman who handles her responsibilities in the outside world too can't be a good daughter-in-law and wife. She asks Suhasini which responsibility she left unfulfilled because of her work and tells her that she doesn't work for the money and fame, but for her desire, dreams and satisfaction. She requests Suhasini to support her like other family members do. Suwarna has to go to temple for some work. Naira offers to go temple at Suhasini's place to help her. As Naira leaves, Kartik picks up the keys of car to follow her. Then he realises he should not do this and he stops.
    Naira finishes her task at the temple and as she is about to leave for home, she receives a call from Mihir. Mihir requests her to come at the wedding for a few minutes. He tells Naira that the safe in which jewellery is locked demands her fingerprint to open. Naira thinks that she can finish the little task and then go home. Kartik is waiting for Naira who has taken almost an hour for a 20 minutes task and hadn't returned home yet. He gets shocked when Mitali sends him a picture of Naira at the royal wedding. Naira has arrived at the wedding. She unlocks the safe with her fingerprint and Mihir thanks her. Mihir notices Naira looking some weak and asks her if she's fine. He asks her to rest in his room no. 403 with unlock key- 4545 for a while if she's not feeling well. Naira tells him that she is fine and she has to leave for home. Naira walks ahead to go home, but she starts feeling dizzy. Mihir notices her and requests her to rest for a while. Mr. Shukla comes there to call Mihir as Sindhias have called him. Mihir has to leave, but he requests Naira to rest and take care of herself. Naira knows that she must reach home as all are waiting. But, she feels unwell and rushes to vomit. She rushes to Mihir's room to use the washroom. As she comes out of the washroom after vomiting, she falls unconscious on the floor. Mihir comes to the room for some work, but he couldn't notice Naira lying unconscious on the floor behind the sofa. Kartik arrives at the wedding to look for Naira, but he couldn't find her there. He meets Mr Jadeja who requests him to come at the wedding in the evening with his wife. Kartik comes to know that neither Jadejas nor Sindhias met Naira. He thinks that he should look for Naira at home. While working in his room, Mihir's clothes get ruined by spilled coffee. He has to change his dress. Mitali gets confused when she notices Mihir leaving the room in another dress. Naira regains consciousness and realises that she is getting late for home. Her earing has fallen on the floor. She walks out of the room and fixes her saree. Mitali gets suspicious to see Naira walking out of Mihir's room. As Kartik is about to leave, Mitali comes to him with an earring. Kartik gets confused to see Naira's earring.
    Precap: Kartik gets shocked when Mitali sends him a CCTV footage in which Mihir comes out of a room after change and after a few minutes Naira comes out from the same room.

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