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  • Thursday, 30 May 2019

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Episode 30th May 2019 Written Update" Abeer Realizes Mihsti Loves Him too "

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Episode 30th May 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Episode 30th May 2019 Written Update" Abeer Realizes Mihsti Loves Him too "

    Today’s Episode Start with Meenakshi fills that mud pot with coins and says to Parul take this to Laxman and I am going with Kunal. You come there.

     Here Kunal's maternal grandfather and Kaushal are not able to get the location of Abeer. Only then jugnu gives them an idea that if we call him on his number then we can reach there. They get information that phone is going out of the station with Abeer then they decide to go there. 

    Here Kunal and his mom moves to meet the old man in his room only then Jugnu meets them on the way to says they went. suddenly meenakshi gets a phone call of laxman. Meenakshi orders to him when you will get mud pot by parul then leave naman to Maheshwari’s and inform me only by message. Kunal and Meenakshi move to Mishti’s house. 

    Maheshwari seems in tension and talks to her husband that yesterday Kunal was wanting to know any secret regarding Mishti’s past. Till now we did not tell this secret to mishti. so no one will reveal anything. Here mishti feels that her diary is missing from there and when she starts finding it she sees a photo is there which was of Kunal and mishti and on the back of that picture engagement date of Kunal and Shweta was mentioned. She thinks that why he did not tell me about this.

     On the other hand, Abeer travels by bus to another place but his maternal grandfather and Kaushal decide to stop him, unfortunately, their car gets to stop. Meanwhile, Abeer takes the diary of mishti and starts reading it and he got to know whom mishti loves he is not Kunal he is Abeer. in this scene, Meenakshi's family enters in maheshwari’s house. they do their welcome nicely. Maheshwari gives them all some gifts as a return. 

    Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke 30th May 2019 Written Update

    Here maheshwari moves out to call abeer for gordhana.  Kuhu goes to mishti’s room to take him for Gordhana but when she reaches her room she does not see him and she thinks she ran away from here. But at last, she found him at the outside of their house and she starts to scold him by saying that why you stand here like a statue? Kunal is waiting for you there but you don’t know his value. I think you don’t deserve him. Mishti says don’t irritate me you don’t know the situation. 

    Suddenly kuhu ask do you love kunal I mean do you want to marry him? Mishti says nothing and steps inside the home. Here kunal understood that mishti loves him and he shares his happiness with other passangers and one little girl compares his love story with a movie kuch kuch hota hai. abeer quickly decides that he should go to mishti and tell him everything. And he says to stop the bus and he leaves the bus. But at last that same girl compares kunal as vilen but abeer feels bad and says no he is not vilen he is my brother and world’s best brother. 

    Here meenakshi and parul talks with each other and meenakshi say why he is doing late? Parul says don’t know but I gave that mud pot only in hands of Laxman and Laxman stands there where Naman said to stay but Naman did not come yet. And Naman is not picking Laxman's call. 

    Maheshwari and her husband also stand there. Maheshwari says we will reveal the truth after the engagement. Only then shaurya comes there and says mom take care of yourself for today. This day is not to be sad in this you should be happy. Only then kuhu and mishti come downstairs. They all praise him. Then they all move from there except Kunal and mishti. mishti asks hoe, are you? He says better than yesterday and you? Mishti is still thinking about that photo.

    Precap For Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Episode 31st May 2019 Written Update:

     Abeer's maternal grandfather tells him I saw mishti. she is not happy. She does not want that relation and gordhana. Naman enters in Maheshwari's house.           

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