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  • Monday, 15 April 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th April Written Update " Raman Doubts On Ishita Ishita is Behaving Weird "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th April Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th April Written Update " Raman Doubts On Ishita Ishita is Behaving Weird ."

      The episode begins in the market where Seema keeps her bag and moves to another place. The bag had bombs and it explodes.
     Sahil calls Seema and asks her if the work is done. Seema gives him a positive response. Sahil instructs her to move out of Delhi for a few days. He asks Samsad to open the new channel.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 15th April March 2019

     Shagun asks Yug to on the TV. The news channel shows that Delhi has witnessed a bomb blast and the police doubts it to be a terrorist attack. Mihika calls Simmi to inform about the blast so that she can take other ways to reach Raman's office.

    Raman gets Ishita's call and she informs that she's coming back from London in the next morning. Karan calls Mihika to ask about Ruhi. He decides to go to Raman's office to see her. Rohan asks him not to go out as there's a bomb blast in the city. He instructs  Karan to win Ruhi's confidence to play with her feelings. Karan pretends to follow Rohan's instructions. Rohan asks him to buy gifts and flowers for Ruhi to impress her.

    Karan tells him that Ruhi is different from other girls and so he wants it to go naturally. Ruhi heads towards office and calls Simmi about the meals. Simmi asks her to be careful due to the bomb blast. Ruhi is shocked to hear about the bomb blast. Simmi reaches the office. Ruhi helps in carrying the tiffins to upstairs.

     Samsad reaches the office and asks Mr. Sharma to send a trustable person of his to downstairs. Raman requests his workers to eat something.
    Mr. Sharma interrupts and ask Raman what he's trying to do. He asks Raman to apologize to him or else the strike would continue. Raman requests the workers to stop the strike. Mr. Sharma threatens of closing the office if Raman doesn't apologize to him. Samsad instructs an office staff to mix poison to the food brought from the Bhalla house. The staff refuses but Samsad threatens him showing a gun. Samsad keeps an eye on the staff but seeing Karan entering the office, he goes away. Karan finds the staff with a bottle trying to mix it in the food.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 15th April 2019

    He catches him red-handed and asks him what he's doing. Raman gets angry at Mr. Sharma and attacks on him. Mani and Yug control Raman. Karan brings the staff in front of everyone and asks him to reveal his plan. He takes out the bottle from the staff's pocket. Seeing himself in danger, Mr. Sharma tries to save himself saying that the bottle contains salt. Raman asks Simmi to give him a food plate and mixing the substance from the bottle, he asks the staff to eat it.

    The staff reveals in fear that the bottle contains poison and points his finger on Samsad who was standing outside but isn't there anymore. The staff tells Raman that Mr. Sharma has sent him downstairs to meet with the person and also tells that he did everything in fear as the person threatened him with a gun. Mr. Sharma calls the staff a liar and blames Raman for trapping him.
    The office staffs react in this situation and blame Mr. Sharma for playing with their life for his own sake. They attack him.

     Raman asks them to stop as he will see what to do with him. The staffs apologize to Raman for coming into Mr. Sharma's words and ask him to put him in jail. Yug thinks that Mr. Sharma should not be in jail as they know the main culprit is someone else. Raman requests everyone to take their food and get back to work.

    Samsad apologizes to Sahil for making mistake. Sahil asks Samsad not to worry as their second plan will work. Raman thanks Karan for helping them. Bala comes to see if everything is okay. He asks Mr. Bhalla to open the news channel. Ruhi is shocked to hear about the blast in the Meena Chawk market. She panics about Seema's well being.
    She tries to call Seema and worries about her. She tells everyone about Seema's presence in the market at the time of the blast. Meanwhile, Ishita comes back and surprises everyone. Ruhi goes to hug Ishita and Ishita's bag falls. Ishita asks her to be careful. She tells that she decided to arrive early to surprise everyone and goes to take rest. Everyone finds Ishita's behavior to be weird. Shagun advises Ruhi to check in Seema's house. Mani and Shagun take Ruhi along with them.

     Shagun asks Raman to check Ishita and she leaves. Raman finds Ishita locked from inside. Everyone shouts and asks her to open the door. Aliya worries of Ishita's well being. Bala and Raman decide to break the door. But Ishita opens the door and gives a dangerous look to others. She asks everyone what they are doing. She opens the earphones and tells them that she was listening to music only. Aliya asks her if she couldn't hear their shouts.

    Ishita replies weirdly and gets irritated for unable to listen to music peacefully. Everyone leaves to their respective rooms. At night, Raman wakes up and doesn't find Ishita in bed. He checks everywhere and finds ate standing in the kitchen talking to someone over the phone.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 16th April Written Update :

     Ishita doesn't find her cream and asks Simmi to find it in her trolley. Her passport falls on the floor and Simmi picks it up and gets astonished to see the name on the passport as Shaina Shah.

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