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  • Tuesday, 16 April 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 16th April Written Update " Fake Ishita at House Threaten Simmi "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 16th April Written Update

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 16th April Written Update " Fake Ishita at House Threaten Simmi "

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Raman finds Ishita talking to someone over the phone.
     She manages the situation by telling that one of her friend from London called him to know if she has safely reached home. She asks why everyone is behaving weirdly to her. Raman asks her the same question but she tells him that she's alright.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 16th April March 2019

    Then she goes to washroom and calls someone to talk. Shagun finds it strange as Seema's house was locked. Mani asks Ruhi if she's sure about Seema's address. Ruhi tells them that she doesn't know much about Seema as they were departed after their college period got over. Shagun asks Ruhi about Abir. Ruhi doesn't know about him too and is confused that the guard of Seema's building failed to recognize Seema and her family.

    Mani thinks that the guard may have joined newly. Shagun asks Ruhi to relax as she will check in the police station about the blast victims. Ruhi prays for Seema and Abir. Mani comes to drop Ruhi at Bhalla house. Raman asks her to go upstairs to have breakfast and also tells her not to mention about Sahil in front of Ishita. Mani leaves. Simmi asks Ishita to sit for breakfast. Ishita says that she missed parathas in London. Simmi asks Ishita to take her favorite upma. Aliya and Mihika find Ishita's behavior strange as she didn't even ask for Raman and Ruhi.

     Ruhi and Raman come. Ishita asks them to have breakfast and reacts casually when she hears that Ruhi was in Shagun's house. Ruhi finds it odd and asks Ishita if she didn't know where she was in the night. Ishita again replies in a casual manner that staying in Shagun's house isn't a big deal. Everyone notices this odd behavior of Ishita and gets shocked. Raman manages the situation telling Ruhi that Ishita was tired at night so couldn't know about her whereabouts. Ishita doesn't eat upma as she likes the paranthas. After the breakfast, Raman asks Ishita if everything is alright with her and then asks her about the felicitation trophy and certificate.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 16th April 2019

     Ishita tells him that her assistant came to take her from the airport and took the trophy and certificate to the clinic. Raman gets upset as he and the whole family wanted to see the trophy and certificate. Ishita asks Raman to get ready for the office. She engages herself in unpacking her clothes. Ruhi worries about Ishita's behavior. Shagun informs Ruhi that Seema and Abir's name isn't in the victim list and so she's going to the government hospital to find if they are injured. Ruhi tells her about Ishita's weird behavior.

    Shagun asks her to take care of Ishita and disconnects the call. Simmi brings tea for Raman in his room but doesn't find him. Ishita thanks God as Raman has left for the office so that she doesn't have to hear his talks. She doesn't find her cream and asks Simmi to check in her trolley. Simmi checks the trolley and the passport falls. She sees a different name of Ishita in the passport and it's in the name of Shaina Shah. She gets shocked. Ishita snatches the passport from her.

    Simmi charges her for having her photo registered in the name of Shaina Shah. She asks Ishita about the boarding pass from Paris instead of London. Ishita isn't ready to answer Simmi anything. Simmi asks her politely if she can help her in her problems. She decides to tell Raman everything. Ishita kicks her and keeps her in gunpoint.

    Mani meets Raman in the office and tells him that it's sometimes difficult to understand women. He asks Raman not to worry as they will gradually figure out what's bothering Ishita. Mani thinks Yug to be a nice guy as he helped Raman during the strike and keeps Aliya happy. Raman gets angry at Yug for lying to them. Mani thinks that Yug is changing himself and they should consider him as Adi.

    Raman isn't ready to accept that. Mani supports Yug and thinks that he deserves a second chance. Raman wants to discuss this with Ishita. Simmi gets shocked to see Ishita with a gun. Ishita asks her to be quiet or else her gun will speak. She asks Simmi to forget that has happened in her room. She threatens Simmi to harm her family. She asks Simmi not to come in between her work or else she will be bound to kill her. Ishita makes Simmi clear that the gun isn't fake.

     She asks Simmi to get out from her room. Simmi leaves in fear and shock. Ishita calls someone and tells him that Simmi has caught her but she has threatened her. Ruhi prepares to go somewhere but Karan meets him in the car parking area. Ruhi is in a hurry and wants to go to the hospital. Karan worries and asks her why she's going to the hospital. Ruhi gets angry at Karan. Karan feels bad. Ruhi tells him that in spite of his concern for her family, she can't trust him again.

    Karan thinks that he has really committed a lot of mistakes and shouldn't bother her. He leaves but Ruhi apologizes to him for behaving rudely. She tells him about Seema's incident. Karan decides to accompany Ruhi to check in the private hospital near the bomb blast location. Ruhi hesitates to go along with him. Karan decides to go by himself and asks Ruhi to send Seema's photo to him. Rohan calls Karan and appreciates him for meeting with Ruhi.

    Karan finds Rohan in the car park standing near his car. Karan gets angry at Rohan for following him. Rohan is drunk and is proud of Karan for flirting with Ruhi. He trusts Karan but doesn't trust the Bhallas. Karan asks Rohan not to follow him as Ruhi will doubt him. He makes Rohan sit on the car and asks the driver to take him home. Karan thinks that he needs to be extra careful as he can't cheat Ruhi again as he loves her genuinely.

    Precap For  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 17th April Written Update :

     Ishita gets angry at Yug and asks him to get out. Aliya asks Ishita to leave her Adi or else she will cut her hand with the knife.

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