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  • Monday, 15 April 2019

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 15th April 2019 Written Update "Police come to Arrest Mishti-Kuhu,Meenakshi's Plan "

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 15th April 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 15th April 2019 Written Update "Police come to Arrest Mishti-Kuhu, Meenakshi's Plan ."

    Meenakshi was playing Veena in the Sangeet Ceremony and the Police arrive searching for the Maheshwari’s. Mishti tells Abeer that she wants to talk to him as he is her only friend in this house and Abeer gets amazed on hearing this.

     Everyone gets shocked by seeing the police except Meenakshi as it was a part of her plan. Nanu asked to police the reason for their coming and Meenakshi tells him that she called the commissioner to bless Ketaki. Meenakshi acts to be unknown and asks the inspector if they are coming directly from duty and the inspector tells her that they came there out of duty to meet Vishambhar. 

    Meenakshi tries to get the reason but Abeer interrupts saying that this is between the police and Vishambhar so we should let them talk in privacy.

    Meenakshi directs Kaushal to lead Maheshwari’s and Police in the room inside. The commissioner asks for Mishti and Kuhu, Rajeshri asks the reason and everyone gets panicked. Abeer again insists Kaushal take them inside. Abeer empathizes Mishti. Meenakshi asks every one of them to have dinner and asks Mrs. Parekh that when Maheshwari’s are so reputed people then why have the police came to meet them. Everyone disperses to have dinner.

    Shaurya asks the commissioner why he is asking for Kuhu and Mishti. Commissioner informs that there is a police complaint against both of them as they have encouraged Ketaki to elope and run away from the family on the day of her engagement. Everyone was shocked by hearing this. Maheshwari’s asks the commissioner for the proof and the commissioner showed him some photographs.

     Kuhu and Mishti were dumbstruck on this and they try to defend themselves. They narrate the story of Ketaki’s eloping and they rescuing her. Finally, they disclose about Ketaki and Kaushal requests the commissioner to not do any inquiry as the sangeet ceremony was going on and all the guests were downstairs. 

    Commissioner says that inquiry can’t be done here as it’s the house where marriage ceremonies were taking place, hence, Maheshwari’s either have to visit the police station or else the police will come to their place.

    Meenakshi discloses to Parul that she has called the police as she was helpless since this was about her family. She says that Kuhu and Mishti might be good girls but, not for her family, she even says that the family remains good till the time a daughter-in-law learns from her mother-in-law and not teaches her mother-in-law.

     She was least bothered about her image to others as she doesn’t care as she only bothers about her family and nothing else and when Vishambhar will get to know that she had called the police, then, he will automatically break the alliance. Nidhi was excited to know what might be happening inside and she has told Mrs. Parekh that in the family whatever Meenakshi will want, that only can happen. Abeer hears everything.

    Rajeshri requests to the commissioner that he cannot arrest Kuhu and Mishti and since Ketaki was available at the same place so she should be called and asked about the truth. Shaurya requests Kaushal to call Ketaki. Kaushal was frightened and pleads to them that not to involve her daughter as her in-laws were around. Rajeshri tells Kaushal to even think about their daughters. Commissioner requests Vishambhar to stop Rajeshri from interrupting them in their work.

     Rajeshri was held steady on this.
    Abeer steps in, to tell the truth. He tells everyone that Kuhu and Mishti were innocent and they have helped Ketaki on that day. He was thankful to them. Commissioner tells that Meenkashi has lodged this complaint. Everyone was sheer shocked on this. Vishambhar tries to defend Meenakshi but, Meenakshi herself confides that she had made the complaint, but, initially she was not knowing that the girls with Ketaki were Mishti and Kuhu, but, now since she knows this, she is taking her complaint back and she apologizes to everyone.

    She made up a story that she had lodged the complaint when Ketaki had left the house as they were very scared. Kunal was also thankful to Mishti and Kuhu. She narrates the whole incidence to Vishambhar about Ketaki’s eloping. Nanu was also thankful for Maheshwari’s and they leave for their house. Meenakshi leaves to meet the commissioner for some important discussion.
    Abeer calls up at Maheshwari’s and talks to Jasmeet to check if police arrived at their place. Abeer was surprised as police have not been to Maheshwari’s house and they directly came to his house searching for Mishti and Kuhu.

     Jasmeet was very scared but she was relieved to see her family members coming back home.
    They ask Mishti and Kuhu to narrate the full incidence which has happened in the past. Vishambhar was disgusted on the incidence. Commissioner asked Meenakshi about taking the complaint back and she was thankful to him.

    Precap For Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 16th April 2019 Written Update :

     Abeer questions Meenakshi and Kunal joins in that why she had lodged the complaint and called the police.

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