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  • Friday, 17 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 17th august 2018 "Naira-Kartik At Court Marriage registrar"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 17th august 2018 "Naira-Kartik At Court Marriage registrar"

    It's the date of final hearing of Naira and Kartik's divorce. They come out from Goenka villa together. As their Tracy at the gate, a truck passes in front of them that had written.." Just say NO". They really want to deny for the divorce. But none of them take the first step to stop the divorce. They force themselves to move ahead.
    Kirti requests everyone to do something to stop them. But they can't do anything now as they've tried everything they could. They are helpless now. Suhasini cries and says that they gave them 2 years to think... Explained them with anger as well as with love... Everyone tried hard to bring them together..but all in vain. There advice and concern both went futile. 

    Suwarna asks Suhasini to not to worry and says that whatever is going to happen will be good. They can't make any change. Devyani raises question against Suwarna's will of separating Kartik and Naira.
    The circumstances sign Naira and Kartik to stop what they are going to do. They can't get keys of their car as the box of keys gets locked. Their advocates hire a taxi and ask them to sit in it to reach at the court soon.
    Rukmani asks everyone to avoid the sorrows and continue the wedding. Manish expresses his agreement over Rukmani's will. Suhasini cries and asks God why he showed such a day to them... That one relation is breaking and the other is joining.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News

    The taxi by which Kartik and Naira and Kartik stop for a while on the way.

    A person enters Goenka villa. Naitik's mother, Rajshri comes there and asks about Naira. She gets worried to see the stressed environment and asks Kirti how Naira is? And asks Kirti to call her. Kirti can't reply her and starts crying. She asks everyone about Kartik and Naira but everybody stays silent. Naksh gains some courage and tells her that they went to the court. Rajshri gets shocked and asks if it meant that whatever she listened is true. 

    YRKKH  Latest News

    They are getting divorced. She asks everyone that children are going to do such a big stupidity but nobody stopped them. Naksh replies that they tried hard to stop them...but? Rajshri asks what but?? What kind of family is this? What kind of relations are these? Youngs of their family is going to do such a big mistake and they are doing nothing. Had they all given up? Devyani tells Rajshri that they tried a lot but they were stuck to their stubbornness. Rajshri asks her why didn't the tell her about it? Kirti replies that they didn't tell her because of grandfather's health. Rajshri says that she knows his health isn't fine. But this matter is also equally important. She asks them how they let them go? Why didn't they stop them? Manish replies that they are grown up now..they are not children that they can be forced to do or stop something. Rajshri tells Manish that it's their duty.. their right.. to stop them from doing something wrong. Rajshri asks Naksh to take the car. She will go to the court.

    The brightness of a new hope shines over everybody's face to see Rajshri's efforts.
    As Naira and Kartik were about to break their silence and speak their taxi reaches the court and they stop.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler Written Update

    Rajshri asks Naksh to drive fast even when she has a phobia of speed as they have less time. Naksh rushes the car towards the court. On the other side.. at Goenka villa, Mansi and Anmol are getting married. Suhasini. Suwarna. Manish and Naitik are physically present there but their minds are just lost in Naira and Kartik's divorce matter. The phase of reality is very tough for them. They have equal fear and hope in their minds. And wish for their children's happiness.
    Kartik and Naira enter in the court. A peon there asks them to go and join the line in front of them. They join the line. They want to talk to each other and start speaking together. Naira asks Kartik to speak first. As Kartik was about to speak.. they reached to a counter and were asked about their names. They told their names. Next.. they were asked for the adhaar card. PAN card and two witnesses. Kartik and Naira ask why witness?? And they were shocked to know that they were in the queue of marriage registration. Both hoped each other to say no to divorce and yes for the marriage. Their advocates reached there and took them to proceed for the divorce. Their advocates asked them to sign on some papers. As Kartik and Naira didn't move ahead. Sharma asks them to take the papers and hurry.
    Rajshri rushes towards court by foot to prevent Naira and Kartik's divorce. Naksh and Kirti follow her.
    One side... Kartik and Naira are moving ahead together to end their relation...and on the other side, Mansi and Anmol move ahead to start their new relation.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 18th august 2018 :

    Advocate Sharma and Pandey ask Naira and Kartik to sign the final papers of their divorce.


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