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  • Friday, 17 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 17th August 2018 "Shivaay's Name in Anika's Mehnadi"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update latest News

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 17th August 2018 "Shivaay's Name in Anika's Mehndi"

    In the Oberoi mansion, Omkara shouts at Shivaay for all that he is doing. He asks him why he is taking decisions for Anika without asking her. He replies that he is doing so only for Anika's happiness.
    In Anika's house, Gauri advice her not to get married to Nikhil as she loves Shivaay. Gauri asks her to listen to her but Anika says that she has left everything to fate. Shivaay says the same thing to Omkara and says that he wants her to get married to the person who loves.

    Ishqbaaz Written Update latest News

    Shivaay arranges everything for the wedding and asks everything to be ready before Anika arrives. Omkara and Priyanka are shocked to see him so tense. He sees someone arranging the lights. He asks him if the lights even work. The worker says that he shall check them later. As Shivaay is about to check them himself, Anika arrives. He looks back and stares at her, right into the eyes. Anika too looks at him. Her chachi too arrives. She says that they had to come in the hot sun. Shivaay says that their room is ready and they may rest for a while. Chachi says that she wishes to help in the arrangements of the marriage but Shivaay says that he shall take care of everything.

    All the guests arrived and everyone is dressed up. Gauri holds two plates of flowers and comes in a jolly mood. She drops the plate by mistake and Omkara comes just in time and holds her so that she doesn't fall. The flower petals fall on them as they stare at each other. Priyanka comes and teases Omkara. He discards the topic and asks her if she is teasing him as Rudra is out of town. Priyanka laughs and agrees.
    All preparations are made for the mehendi function. Nikhil and his family arrive. Shivaay welcomes them and they are served with juice. Anika sits for the mehendi. The lady asks Anika what name must be written on her hand. Just then, a ladder is about to fall on Shivaay and Anika utters his name in shock. Khanna comes just in time to hold the falling ladder.

    The mehendi lady writes Shivaay's name on her hand. She says that her husband's name is now written. Nikhil comes up to her and sees her mehendi and is shocked to see Shivaay's name. Everyone else is shocked too. He questions her about why Shivaay's name is written. Priyanka says that some mistakes are actually beautiful. Omkara asks her to keep quiet. She corrects herself and says that the name is just written beautifully. Nikhil's mom asks her to immediately erase it. Anika agrees and runs to wash it off. Shivaay comes along. As she is washing it, a bit of mehendi comes on his hand as well. She tells him that he came to erase his name on her hand but ended up getting a bit if her color on his hand as well. Shivaay looks at her in silence. Just then, Nikhil arrives there. Anika apologizes for what happened and says that it wasn't intentional. Nikhil agrees and says that he knows it was the mistake of the lady who applied it. They come back to the hall. The function resumes. Nikhil's mom gives her a gift. Just then, she observes the sindoor on Anika's head. She immediately asks him where that came from. 

    Ishqbaaz Written Update latest News 17th August 2018

    She looks at Shivaay with shock. Everyone else looks at her in astonishment. Nikhil comes up to her as well and demands an answer. Anika says that she shall remove it and runs up to the dressing room. She looks at the sindoor and hesitates to remove it. Shivaay comes to her. He says that she must forget the past and now, Nikhil shall take good care of him. She asks him he can heal her wounds and Shivaay says that he definitely can. He says that he shall erase the sindoor himself. Anika stops him. She says that now that they have left everything to fate, let happen what may happen. They go back to the hall.

    PRECAP For Ishqbaaz Written Update 20th August 2018 :

    Nikhil comes up to Anika in anger. He says that he wants to talk something to her. His mom asks him what he wants to talk that too in the middle of the mehendi function. He says that this function might not even be required and drags her out.


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