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  • Friday, 17 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 17th August 2018"Param Kidnaps Pihu"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 17th August 2018"Param Kidnaps Pihu"

    Param disguise himself as a clown. Pihu feels worried to see the lights flickering. Param disconnects the electricity supply from Board.

     Power outage increases Pihu's concern. Her teacher asks her to calm down and goes to bring a torch from the desk.
    Raman. Ishita and Simmi are going to Pihu's campsite. Ishita tells Raman that police are busy at duty for the independence day but they may get information about that number and tell them.

     Simmi starts blaming herself for this jumbled up. She says that Pihu is in danger because of her only. Ishita asks Simmi to stop blaming herself as it's not her mistake and requests her to think positive.
    Pihu's teacher returns with a torch. Pihu tells her that she is very scared. Her teacher asks her to not be afraid. She may ask the watchman to check the fuse. Until then she may keep the torch and wait for her at that place. She leaves Pihu there alone and goes out to look for the watchman. But as she can't see the guard anywhere she decides to check the fuse herself. As she goes near the meter box. Param hits hard something on her head and she fell down with a bleeding head. 
    Mr. Bhalla gets angry over Param's lousy trick of targeting Pihu. Mr. Iyer asks calm down.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News

    Mr. Bhalla replies that how he can calm down? He knows Param very well. He'll go to the campsite.  Santoshi tries to stop him and asks him where he'll go alone. Bahla says that it will create more mess and it would be better if they all stay there at home and maintain contact with police and forward every information to Raman and Ishita. Santoshi and Mr. Iyer express their agreement and ask Mr. Bhalla to keep calm and wait. Santoshi asks Mihka to light a lamp in front of Matarani to get some favor.
    Pihu comes out from the classroom searching for her teacher. She calls her many times but gets no response. Pihu reaches the meter box and sees her teacher lying down. She gets worried to see her in such a state and tries to awake her. As Pihu sees the bloodstain over the wall her fear rises to a higher level. Pihu shouts loud and calls watchman for help. But as nobody comes. She rushes to search for the guard.

    Secretary of their society reaches Bhalla house and asks Mr. Bhalla the cause of their stress. Mr. Bhalla replies that everything is alright and asks him to sit.

    The secretary replies that he may sit but at first he wants to apologize for the incident of Adi's naming ceremony. Mr. Iyer replies that it's ok! They don't mind it.  Secretary asks them that everytime they participate in the event of independence day with great responsibility but this time they didn't see any initiative from their side. And asks about Pihu. Bahla tells him that Pihu had gone on her school camp and Raman and Ishita had gone to take her.  And as a new baby came to their house they were busy with him and forgot about the independence day. But now they'll think about it. Secretary thanks them and leaves.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 17th August 2018

    Shagun tries to call Ishita to inform her about Param's step of stealing the clown costume. But the call doesn't connect. Shagun calls Ruhi and asks if everything is alright there? Ruhi asks Shagun to come there as anything isn't alright. Raman receives a call from the inspector and the evidence signed that Param can be involved in Pihu's matter.
    Mani and Shagun reach Bhalla house. Ruhi tells her the whole matter. Shagun tells them that Param stole clown costume. Shagun suspects that Param stole that costume to reach at Pihu's campsite without being suspected and he may try to hurt Pihu there.
    Param in the clown costume signs Pihu to come towards him. Pihu catches his wrong intentions and starts running away from him. The clown starts following her. Pihu tries to hide but the clown finds her.
    Raman, Ishita, and Simmi reach campsite and get more worried to see darkness everywhere. They go inside the campsite and start searching for Pihu but can't see Pihu anywhere. The watchman reaches there. Raman asks him about Pihu but he replies that everyone went home. Raman tells him he received a call from a teacher that his daughter is here. The guard tells Raman that he received a call from his home that there's some problem at his house. that's why he went there to check once but everything was alright. Raman asks him to fix the fuse. Ishita saw Pihu's teacher lying down in an unconscious state near the meter box. As the watchman refixes the electricity... Raman, Ishita, and Simmi get a huge shock to see the blood stain over the wall. Simmi gets a paper in her hand with Pihu's name written on it and crossed.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 18th August 2018 :

     Ishita and Raman get a note with Param's location. Simmi reaches there and starts acting in favor of Param to save Pihu.

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