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  • Thursday, 23 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Update "Anika breaks Marriage and Spalsh Water on Shivaay's Face"

    Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Latest News

    Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Update "Anika breaks Marriage and Spalsh Water on Shivaay's Face"

    Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Update "Anika breaks Marriage and Spalsh Water on Shivaay's Face"
    Anika talks to Nikhil. She says that she knows both of them do not love each other.
     She then says that she does not want to get married to Nikhil. He is shocked by her words and shouts at her. She says that she knew him since childhood and that was the only reason why she said yes. He asks how dare she break the marriage. 

    Ishqbaaz  Latest News

    She replies that he too had broken the marriage. To that, he asks if she is taking revenge. She replies that if she was to take revenge, she wouldn't have let the matter come that far. He then asks why she's stepping back when the matter has come till here. She apologizes for everything and says that she cannot get married and leaves. Nikhil is left speechless.
    Shivaay is about to call Nikhil for the function. Anika comes and stops him. She says that there is no need of calling him. Upon asking why, she replies that a married girl cannot get married again. He asks her not to talk about that topic but she repeats the same, calling him billu. 

    He is surprised and asks her why she called him by that name. She shows him the divorce papers where he has signed as billu. He says that it was by mistake.

     She replies that it wasn't a mistake but fate. Shivaay tells her that he wants her to get married to someone she shall be happy with. She says that she is happy with her husband. She then asks him if he shall not be bothered if she gets married to someone else. He replies with a no. She asks if he is fine if someone else calls her their wife and she goes away. 

    Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Updates

    He still replies that he shall not be affected. She immediately goes and brings a glass of water and throws it at his face. She asks if even now he shall not be affected. He again says no. She comes forward and says that she too shall see how he shall not be affected 

    Annika asks Gauri to stop calling Shivaay 'Mr. Oberoi' and call him 'Jija Ji' instead. On turns camera towards Gauri and asks her to call Shivaay 'Jija Ji'. Gauri replies that she'll not call Mr Oberoi ' jija ji' but she'll call him 'Jiju'..... At the same moment Tej and Janhvi enter in... Everyone gets surprised to see them. Om.. Priyanka and Shivaay move ahead to meet them. Shivaay says that they just surprised them. Janhvi replies that he surprised them instead. Shivaay asks what she mean? Janhvi replies that she'll tell him later. Pointing towards Annika..Janhvi asks Shivaay if she's his wife..Annika? Om replies that she's right... She's Annika. Tej says that he didn't expect this from Shivaay...he didn't inform them about his marriage. When Shivaay gets puzzled up in Tej's questions... Annika comes ahead and says that they mistook it. And requests Tej to forgive them... Shivaay and Annika bows down to take blessings from Tej. Janhvi blesses Shivaay and Annika and says that their couple may live together always. Annika winks towards Shivaay.

    Ishqbaaz 23rd August 2018 Written Update

     Jahnvi and Tej feel surprised to know about Annika's Haldi but Annika convince them with an excuse. Shivaay asks Janhvi and Tej to rest. Janhvi asks what about their Haldi function. Shivaay replies that they are more important for him than Haldi.
    Janhvi asks Om to call Rudra and ask him when he'll return. Tej asks Om to rise above in business otherwise Shivaay will overtake him. Om replies that Shivaay is his brother and if he'll move ahead... It will make him happy. Tej points that Shivaay isn't his akin brother. Om replies that Shivaay is more than his akin brother. And explains Tej that the day he'll rise above the thoughts of akin and stepbrother... He'll realize why he and Rudra love Shivaay this much. And leaves to bring coffee for him.  Janhvi expresses her concern for Shivaay and tells Tej that she feels that Shivaay isn't comfortable from this wedding. She suspects that Shivaay is hiding something from them.
    Annika asks Shivaay to start their Haldi function. Shivaay replies that he'll tell the truth to Tej and Janhvi at the right time. Annika says that he doesn't need to do so as she's married to him now and she's no more interested in Nikhil. Shivaay asks Annika why she's entangling things. Annika replies What things... their lives and fate are entangled with each other. And when the thread of fate entangles...they can't be disentangled. And asks Shivaay to move ahead for Hadi function. Shivaay replies that he'll not do this ritual with her. Annika asks then with whom he'll do it. Shivaay replies with nobody. Annika challenges Shivaay that before the end of the day he himself will do this Haldi ritual and express how much matters to him.
    Annika feels allergic to the lily flowers used in decoration and can't stop sneezing.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz 24th August 2018 Written Update :

    Annika stands above the dining table and behaves abnormally because of terror of cockroach on her neck. Shivaay removes the cockroach and holds it in his hand. But...later he faints because of fear.

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