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  • Thursday, 23 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 23rd August 2018"Kartik-Naira Miss Each Other"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 23rd August 2018"Kartik-Naira Miss Each Other"

    Suwarna goes near Kartik and tries to console him. She tells Kartik that our elders said that the past is better to be forgotten sooner.
     New Morning. new day. New starting. For you too... It's a fresh day of a fresh life. The better mind you start it with... better support you'll get from God. Even if you don't like my words... Please try to obey them because it's better for you. The more you'll poke your wounds.. more it will hurt you. And if you want to heal it.. you'll have to stop scratching it. And she asks him to get freshen up and come down for breakfast.

    Naksh talks to Kirti in the kitchen and says he can't understand anything. For a moment he thinks to cook Naira's favorite food so that she may feel better and the other he thinks how food can sort out life's problems... he says that I am very confused Kirti. Kirti replies that all of us are confused... But Naira must be the most confused among them. She got what she wished... But did she get it for the reason she wanted? Naksh replies What they can do? With whom they can discuss?? Kirti says that what the may discuss?? It will only increase the sorrow of that person. And I think that we should not talk to Naira also and leave her alone.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News

    Naksh asks Kirti if she's angry from her? Kirti replies that not only from her.. she's upset with both. She loves them equally... So her anger will also be equal. Naksh requests Kirti to hide her resentment for some time... Until Naira may forget everything and move on. Kirti replies that she doesn't think that they both can move ahead without each other. Naksh asks Kirti why she's stuck on that what's impossible. Kirti replies that because she has a strong feeling and she's just admitting it. Naksh takes Kirti in his arms and says that he wishes that her words may become true... But they aren't. And that's why they'll have to fix everything. Kirti replies that to fix everything they need to understand know what is right and what not... But who'll explain all this to them? Naksh replies"Time".

    Suwarna collects all things of Naira at Goenka villa. She decides to return them back to Naira. Suhasini asks Suwarna to go and return their things herself otherwise that may mind it. Suwarna doesn't want to go there. Suhasini says that she should leave her resentment with divorce and move on. Suwarna replies that she also doesn't want any squabble so it's better to send Surekha. Surekha agrees.

     Suhasini asks Suwarna to ask Kartik of anything is left in his room. But Suwarna denies talking to Kartik about this. But the matter is not secret from Kartik as he saw all those things when they slipped from the box. Kartik wants to keep those things... But he can't.
    Naira finds musical anklets in her cupboard and misses Kartik. She starts searching for the medical prescription that Kartik asked her to keep safe.
    Suwarna throws the Kaira collage gifted to Kartik by Naira into the garbage truck. As Suwarna goes inside... Kartik starts running behind the garbage truck. He jumps into the truck and gets the college and feels relieved. Naira too finds the prescription and feels relaxed.
    Naira realizes that Naksh is watching her. Naksh leaves after a few moments. Kartik realizes that the people are staring at him. He takes the college and leaves.
    Naira feels nervous why she's missing Kartik and remembering what he said. Kartik questions himself what he's doing? Why he's feeling bad of her things are going.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Written Update

    Devyani asks Rajshri if she really thinks that they are responsible for Kartik and Naira's divorce.  If she thinks that they didn't try well. Rajshri replies no as she knows that parents always have to bow down in front their child's stubbornness. She says that she's not angry with them... But only from Kartik and Naira. Rukmani comes there to call Devyani. Devyani goes with her and discovers Surekha with some packed bags and box with her. Surekha tells them that she came with the things Naira left at Goenka villa. But she feels hesitated to speak. Devyani calls Suwarna and asks her to keep the mobile on speaker as she wants everyone to listen to her. Suhasini is sitting near Suwarna. Suwarna keeps the mobile on speaker. Devyani speaks- You all were just waiting for court's when they get divorced and when they'll return Naira's luggage. They must've packed the accessories earlier. Suwarna is about to reply Devyani but Suhasini stops her. Suhasini herself tries to convince Devyani that this wasn't their intention. But Devyani continues to rebuke. Suhasini blames Naira as she talked about divorce first. Devyani puts forward the reason... Suwarna was speaking but the call gets disconnected as a battery of  Devyani's Mobile runs out. Naira requests Devyani to end the matter there. Devyani agrees to finish the matter and end the relationship.
    Kartik returns home and hides the college in a car trunk. Naira opens the box and misses Kartik as she looks at her wedding dress. Naksh suggests her to get over Kartik from her heart.

    Precap For 
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Written Update 24th August 2018:

     Doctor tells Naira that she needs just a minor surgery and she can do everything... even dance. When Naira is returning. Kartik bumps into her and they both fall over each other.

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