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  • Thursday, 23 August 2018

    Bepannaah Latest News 23rd August 2018 Video Written Update Aditya Impresses Zoya's Mother By Helping Her in Kitchen

    Bepannaah Latest News  23rd August 2018 Video Written Update Aditya Impresses Zoya's Mother By Helping Her in Kitchen.

    Segment Start with  Eid Celebration at Zoya’s House where Zoya’s Ammi is Making Biryani But Aditya Who wants to Impress Zoya’s Mummy comes and Tells That When Aditya is Here Why are You Doing This Let me Help You.
    Zoya’s Ammi Tries to Say No But Aditya takes the Knief and Start Chopping Vegetables Zoya’s ammi Tells him To go and Enjoy Outside let me do this But Aditya is Adamant to Impress her.

    She Gives Up and In their talking, Aditya Says Her that He Wants a Girl Just Like You Her Ammi asks Why He Says That He Wants Someone Just Like You Who Loves me Just You Love Zoya’s Father.
    Aditya Praises her more and Zoya who is Behind her Ammi comes and Scolds Aditya that stops Flirting with My Ammi Otherwise I will Complaint to My Father.

    Bepannaah Latest News  23rd August 2018

    Aditya Looks at her and Says He Doesn’t Scare from Anyone Your Father is Not Any mere Don Both Zoya and her Ammi Smile and Just Then Wasim comes and Asks What are You Saying?
    Zoya takes Advantage of the Situation and Tells Her Father That Aditya is Saying that He Doesn’t Scare from Anyone.
    Wasim and Aditya talk and Aditya Say That He Can Make Best Biryani Just Then Arshad comes and tells That let's Have Competition Wasim tries to Say No But both Get Agree and Go to Kitchen and Start Preparing.

    Zoya and Her Ammi are Excited to See Who will make Best Biryani and Wasim is Also Watching Them.

    What Do you Think Who will Make Best Biryani? Stay Tuned Into for Know About and For Bepannaah Latest News and Spoilers.

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