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  • Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 31st July 2018 Written Update "Naira-Kartik's Dance,Rike Ride Cute Nok-Jhok"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 31st July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 31st July 2018 Written Update 

     "Naira-Kartik's Dance,Rike Ride Cute Nok-Jhok"

    The episode starts with an expression of discomfort on Suwarna's face. Some ladies appreciate Naira which makes Suwarna more uncomfortable.

    To divert the talk asks Kirti to call Mansi. Naira and Kirti go to call Mansi. They bring Mansi with them. Song Ghoomar.. plays... The dancers start their performance. Kartik and Naksh too join them. Mansi's dress entangles in the stairs. 

    Kartik comes to support her and kept a hand over Naira's hand...but as he realized... removed his hand immediately. Kirti and Suwarna start dancing. Kartik and Naira stood with Mansi. Naksh takes Anmol near Kirti. Kartik takes the box of rings from Rukmani and gave it to the planner. Kirti took Naira and Kartik for dance and made them stand in front of each other. Everyone starts clapping and encouraging them. They stood still for some moments but later started dancing together ... They didn't let the circumstances spoil everybody's expectations and gave an outstanding performance together that brought them close to each other. But.............


    Soon Kirti gains her sense and realizes it was just her imagination. She saw Kartik and Naira and got sad to see the opposite situation. But then wipe her tears and move ahead to include Anmol and Kirti in the celebration. Everyone enjoyed the performance.
    The planner opens the box of rings and was shocked to discover only one ring inside.

    He feels worried and calls Kartik. He tells Kartik that there is only one ring in the box and asks him if he has the other. Kartik gets shocked and checks the box and found only Anmol's ring inside. The planner convinced Kartik that he didn't do anything the ring was already missing. Kartik goes to Rukmani and asks her about Mansi's ring. She says it's in that box.  Kartik asks her did she kept them? Rukmani said yes she herself... And asks him why is he asking.?? Kartik says nothing happened..asked her to enjoy. And leaves.

    Kartik says to the planner to not tell anybody anything until he asks him. And orders him to secure that ring. Kartik holds Naira's hand and takes her aside to talk. Naira asks him what kind of insolence is this? Kartik asks her and what she did isn't any kind of insolence? Naira asks him what she did. Kartik asks her to not to act innocent. He couldn't even think that she can fall so much and asks her where is Mansi's ring. Naira replies it must be in the box... How can she know? Kartik asks her that Rukmani gave the rings and the box to her.. She decorated the box and returned it to her. And now the box has only Anmol's ring. Then where is Mansi's ring?  He asks her to bring the ring wherever she hides it. Naira replies that he considers himself as too over smart then he can find the ring himself. Because she doesn't know where the rings are. As she didn't keep it anywhere. Kartik denies agreeing.

    Naira tells him that he may agree or not... It doesn't matter to her. Kartik tells her that it's his sister's engagement and he needs that ring. Naira asks him to search it then but Kartik says how can he??? When she hide the ring. Naira points the finger towards Kartik and said "A...." But they both remembered a moment. Kartik criticized Naira's deed.
    Suwarna was searching for Kartik but Suhasini asks her to find her phone as she forgot where she kept it.
    Naira remembered when Rukmani told her to decorate the box. She said that maybe it fall somewhere. Kartik asks her to not make excuse like kids. He didn't agree to this. Naira says that his agreement doesn't matter and she may go herself to search the ring. But Kartik still forced her to take him with her and they both went to search the ring. Suwarna saw them going out together and asks Kirti where they went together. Kirti tells her that there was some matter of Mansi's ring and they both went to solve it. Suwarna tries to assure if it's really just the matter of ring or something else. Kirti says that if the matter may be something else she doesn't have any problem with it.
    Suwarna receives a call from and Anjali and asked her to come to attend the engagement and being Aashi with her.
    Because of a crowd of vehicles, Kartik couldn't take out his car. Naira brings a bike and asks him to stay. Kartik sits by her and says that he will go to ensure whether the rings are really lost or she hides them???
    Naira drove recklessly. Kartik acted as his shoe has fallen and asked her to stop the bike. He got up and took the key. And said that he will drive the bike and she will sit behind.
    The guests appreciate Kartik and Naira's couple but Suhasini diverts the talk and went outside. Doubts raised in their minds that something is wrong with their family. Suwarna calls Kartik and asks him if he is with her. he replies that he just came with her but he is not with her.  Naira and Kartik enter Naira's room and starts searching for the ring.
    Kartik found the ring and thinks that Naira was right. The ring has fallen here.

    Precap: The ring gets stuck in Naira's finger. She tried hard to get it out. Rukmani opens the bix presents the rings. But everyone gets shocked to see only one ring in the box.

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