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  • Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 31st July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Marries Anika But Doesn't Give Her Any Right"

    ISHQBAAAZ 31st July 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 31st July 2018 Written Update 

    "Shivaay Marries Anika But Doesn't Give Her Any Right"

    Anika is hiding behind the pillars of the temple to avoid getting married to Shivaay. Shivaay is in search of her.
    In Anika's house, her chachi wonders the reason for Shivaay's words. She says that he will choose a girl with name and reputation to get married to. Anika, she declares, lacks those qualities. She says that Shivaay will definitely not marry a girl like Anika, instead, he shall make her his mistress. Gauri asks her to stop and takes her sister's side. She tries to contact Anika but she doesn't pick up.

    Ishqbaaaz Latest Written Update :Shivaay-Anika's Marriage

    In the temple, Anika is caught by Shivaay but she firmly tells him that she shall not get married to him. For that, he immediately calls up Gauri and asks her to come to the temple. Gauri asks who the speaker is but Shivaay does not reveal his name and instead, says that if she cared for her sister's well being, she must come to the temple as instructed. He cuts the call and tells Anika that as soon as she arrives, he shall tell her the truth about her mother. A while later, Gauri arrives at the temple and calls back Anika to ask her where she is but Anika stops Shivaay from receiving the call. She pleads him not to tell her the truth. He in turn tells her to decide between getting married to him and telling her sister the truth. She helplessly agrees to get married to him. 


    Gauri, near the temple, continues to call Anika to know where she is but no one receives the call. She is worried and doesn't know what to do. The rituals for the marriage start in the temple.
    Gauri reaches the Oberoi mansion and demands for Anika and Shivaay. She meets Omkar there and he says that he too doesn't know where Shivaay is and is constantly trying to contact him. She tells him that he is with Anika but she doesn't know where they both are. Omkar is shocked to hear that he is with Anika. Gauri further reveals that he broke her marriage and even dragged her out purposely. Omkar wonders why his brother did such a thing. He asks Gauri to relax as she is in tears and tells her that he shall immediately inform her if he gets to know about anything. She gives him her and number and leaves, asking him to inform her about anything that happens.

    Shivaay ties the mangal Sutra and fills her head with the 'sindoor', the most important part of the marriage rituals. Anika stands there helpless. Shivaay puts the garland around her. Just when she is about to put the garland around him, he throws a few notes of money on the pandit and leaves. She stares at him and runs behind him. When he asks her why she is coming behind him, he tells her that she isn't coming behind him, but with him as she is his wife. He pretends as though nothing just took place and asks her when they even got married. Anika is shocked and says that they just got married a few minutes ago. He asks for evidence. She runs to the pandit and asks him to tell Shivaay that they just got married but the pandit tells her that this is a matter which must remain between the both of them and he isn't ready to interfere. Shivaay then tells Anika that the one and only witness too isn't ready to take her side. She shouts at him and asks him what he gained out of all this. He first broke her marriage and then forcefully got married to her. Now he denies to be her husband. He replies that he is indeed playing with her life just like she played with his sister's life. Anika says that he may deny their marriage in front of her and in front of the entire world too but he cannot deny it to himself. She says that he shall never be able to forget the fact that he is married to her and she indeed is his wife. She adds that the God in front of which the rituals took place is the witness. Her mangal Sutra and her sindoor is the witness. To that, Shivaay catches hold of her mangal Sutra and pulls it apart. It falls to the floor in pieces. Anika looks at it with shock. Shivaay reminds her that this wasn't a marriage but a revenge for what she did to his sister. He finally says that she isn't his wife but his mistress.

    Precap: Anika returns home and her Chachi asks her where the sindoor came from. She helplessly replies that she got married to Shivaay. In the Oberoi mansion, Omkar questions Shivaay about where he had been but he shuts him by saying that it does not matter and no one shall talk any further about it.

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