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  • Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2018 Written Update "Roshni Leaves House Raman Blames Himself"


    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2018 Written Update 

    "Roshni Leaves House Raman Blames Himself"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2018 Written Update "Roshni Leaves House Raman Blames Himself"
    Raman and Ishita argue with Mr.Goyal to disrespect the baby. Ishita says the child they are describing to be illegitimate...will come up one day and they will give his example to their children. And ask them to adopt his sacraments. They called them to bless their baby not to stamp him as illegitimate. And the was Raman is sending them out... Is much respectful...that they don't deserve.  Raman again asks them to leave. As they went out Raman asks Panditji to begin the Puja. 

    YHM Written Update 31st July 2018 

    The Puja began. Santoshi asks Mihka to take the baby in her arms. Pihu and Ruhi ask Roshni whose name had she chosen? Roshni tells them that she didn't select any chit among those as she already thought the baby's name. Everybody asks her what's the name? She announced that this baby will be named as ADITYA BHALLA. Most of them felt surprised at e coincidence that they wrote the same name and she thought the same. Ruhi turns on the DJ and their celebration began. The whole family gets involved in the celebration.

    Roshni moves aside and goes near the baby. She talks in mind and tells him that this is his family. She is happy that he will live with his family always as she always wanted this. Roshni goes near Ishita and hugs her. And meeting everyone else and moves ahead.

    Mihka stops her and asks where is she going.??? Roshni tells her that she is tired and want to go to the washroom. Mihka asks her if she is fine?? Roshni replies that she is good and asks her to enjoy the function.

    Roshni comes to her room. She remembered her moments with Adi and Bhalla family. These thoughts made her stressed. She talks to herself that it's the time to redeem the decision taken and packs her luggage. Apologise to baby for leaving him and asks to forgive her. Tears filled her eyes but somehow she moves ahead. She looks at each corner of Bhalla house and says that she will never return there but she is happy that her Adi will always love there...with his family. It's really hard for her as she had many memories there....but she moves ahead and leaves Bhalla's house.

    Madhvi told Ruhi to remove the tags from the personalized gifts and distribute them in an orphanage. The baby starts crying. Santoshi asks where is Roshni. Mihka told them that she was tired so she went to rest in her room. Mihka goes to look for her. But found that Roshni is not in her room. Everyone felt worried to find her missing. The whole family starts searching for her. Ishita goes to her room and finds a note on dressing table that states- "Dear Ishi maa please apologize me but I didn't have any other way instead of this one. If I may stay here it will deteriorate the matter. People are calling her baby illegitimate today and if I will stay here this stamp can never be removed. Since I came to this house you have me much love, accepted from while heart but I know its injustice with Alia. I saw worry about her in your and Raman's eyes.  Adi too accepted me with a whole heart. But now your Adi is back. He is with his family. together please take care of him. He doesn't need me. That's why it's good for everyone that I may depart from here. Ishi Maa I want you and Raman to be Adi's parents. Actually, Adi can't get a mother better than you. You will give Adi all those sacraments that maybe I couldn't ever. You are much strong but am not like you. If someone may call my baby illegitimate in front of me I can't tolerate it. Now Adi is your son officially and you are his parents".Ishita felt overwhelmed to read the letter. Raman came there. Ishita shows him the letter.
    Ishita read the letter to everyone. They felt disappointed. Ishita requests Raman to look for her.... anyhow. They suspected that maybe she is going to London and decided to go to the airport to stop her. Ishita, Raman, and Alia leave for the airport.
    Bahla and Kiran got a gift tagged as "From Roshni to Raman uncle" Ishita expressed her concern for little Adi.
    They came home back. Raman blames himself for asking Roshni to leave the baby near them and go to London. Ishita asks him not to blame himself. Bahla shows him the gift Roshni left for Raman.

    Precap: Raman got a letter inside the gift by Roshni that asked him for a promise that he will take care of her baby. Raman feels it hard to face the baby whose mother left him because of Raman. Ishita explains to him that Roshni believed that he will take care of her baby.

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