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  • Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 18th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Throws Anika Out of House"

    Ishqbaaaz 18th July 2018 Written Update


    Ishqbaaaz 18th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Throws Anika Out of House"

    In today's episode, Gauri found Anika and asked her where she was and why she is so late. Anika told her that she has some load of work today so she is late, now move out of here and let's go home right away. The next morning Anika wake up with a strong hangover still comes Gauri with morning tea and give a glimpse of a smile to Anika. 


    Anika thanked her for the tea. On the other part, Shivaay is in the kitchen pouring his coffee suddenly Shivaay confronted Omkara and Rudra. Omkara and Rudra asked Shivaay what was happened last night.??? Shivaay refuses to say that nothing happened. But Shivaay and Anika were pondering and wondering how both of them get so closed even they shared the same bed. But both failed to remember what passed in between them last night. 

     Daksh informed Priyanka that he had booked a honeymoon package for them she can finalize the destination where she wants to go. They will follow her choice of destination. Daksh asked Priyanka where is her wedding planner, not visible yet?? Still, Anika enters the hall and started searching. Priyanka asked Anika what she is searching Anika tell her that she forgets her phone last night, it might be here. There comes Shivaay and confronted Anika and give a sigh to her. Daksh sitting right there doubted both of them and wondered that something is going between Anika and Shivaay.

     Anika follows Shivaay , Shivaay  told Anika that whatever happened last night he won't remember. Anika answers the same. Shivaay tells Anika not to discuss last night and let's forget what happened even both of them don't remember. Also not to tell anyone about her presence in Shiva's room. But Daksh hiding behind the pillar watched them and heard all the discussion and get very excited about this spicy secret which will work like a News for everyone and exclaimed: "By God Ki Kasam". He was happy because his target was successfully hit the plan he made. Daksh followed Anika when Anika call the  Airlines to get the information about his Daksh arrival. She headed to go to some address to collect the details. Priyanka take away Anika to show the fitting of her wedding outfit in between Daksh caught up Anika's phone and saw the video clip  which Shivaay shooted last night. Daksh was wowed to himself after watching the video and talks himself that this is an amazing video and this could be viral too. 

    Daksh forwarded the video to Shivay,s phone Shivay saw the video and interrogated his  squad to bring who made it viral.The squad bring a man who  is Tyagi. Shivay asked him where did he get the video from.??? Shivay asked Tyagi to state the amount to shut his mouth but the man started threatening Shivay by saying that time is of no one it's get changed by and fro. Now this is his time of revenge  he blackmailed Shivay by saying that if he release this video in headlines then what will happen...??!! The pride honour of his family which is valuable for Shivay will be ruined off just by the video in which Shivay confessed the truth of the death of his mother. There comes Daksh when Shivay was shouting at Tyagi. Daksh asked Shivay what happened and Portray that Shivay can share his problem as Daksh is also now a part of his family. May be Daksh could help Shivay to solve his problem. Tyagi interrupted Shivay and Daksh saying that thanks to the person who send me this video and now this is a payback time for  Shivay. On the other hand Anika was gathering the proofs against Daksh arrival to prove in front of Shivay about the truth by revealing the conspiracy. Tyagi told Shivay that this video was send by Anika. And Anika enters there with the proofs hurriedly.

    Daksh pinched Shivaay saying that this is a trick of Anika to make out this video by Shivaay by taking benefit of his condition which was also a plan of Anika to make him drunk. Daksh presented innocently on behalf of Shivaay to Tyagi that this video won't get viral at any cost if this happens then it will not be good for Priyanka which is soon getting married to Daksh and also she would not able to tolerate the shock. Shivaay shouts at Tyagi to state the amount he wants to keep this secret but Daksh started pleading not to disclose the secret because her sister Priyanka is very innocent and Daksh does not want to hurt her. The man Sunil Tyagi as per Daksh plan walked off saying Shivaay not to mess up with him again this time he is leaving and deleting this video for the sake of Daksh and Priyanka.

    Shivaay was astonished that this is done by Anika but Daksh told him that he is not astonished by knowing this because Anika could do anything for money. Daksh tried to influence Shivaay against Anika by pointing out her tricks to trap rich persons. Daksh told Shivaay that he knows all this because he was suffered all these stuff by Anika. And warned Shivaay not to get into Anika 's trap. Suddenly Anika came to squad Khanna inquiring about Shivaay ..Khanna informed that Shivaay is in study Anika run towards Shivaay and informed about the proofs she bought against Daksh that he is a fraud. And he is not good enough for Priyanka too. Now Shivaay is in dilemma who is true ... And to whom he has to believe now.
    Shivay scolded Anika for cheating him like this and pulled her out of the mansion and everybody. Was wondering what happened why Shivay is so angry at Anika. shivay stated Anika not to get back into his family or his life again. And closed the door on Anika face. Anika is standing helpless curious to know what happens to Shivay why he did this to her

    PRECAP :

    Anika Quickly Writes a Letter for Priyanka and She Hears someone is coming Shivaay is walking towards That Room where Anika is Writing Letter.He Opens the Gate and Shocked to See Anika.

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