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  • Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2018 Written Update "Ishita Saves Raman From NGO Ladies"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2018 Written Update

             YHM 18th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2018 Written Update "Ishita Saves Raman From NGO Ladies"

    NGO ladies and Tanya are still in Raman's office. They are not ready to leave and continuously shouting slogans against him. Raman asks them to leave otherwise he will call the police. But the ladies are still against him and said that they may leave but only after applying black ink to his face and putting over garland of shoes on him.

     So that he could also know how it feels to get disrespected. At the same moment, Raman's clients reached there and ask him what is this going on. Raman says that he will explain them all. Shweta was about to call the police but the guard stops her by saying that Ishita madam said that she will come with some help but until nobody should call the police.

    Raman tries to explain to his clients that it's a false planning he is innocent and the girl in a line. But they asked him that why the ladies of such a reputed NGO would lie.
    On the other side, Santoshi was arguing with Neelu as she was really very tender for Raman. She scolded Neelu for bringing the wrong vegetables. Meanwhile, Roshni went to Madhavi as she was not feeling fine. 

    She saw Madhavi talking to someone on mobile with a knife in her hand. She thought not to disturb her and went near her to drink some water from the jug lying near Madhavi. The knife in hands of Madhavi was about to hurt Roshni. But Santoshi reached there and saved her. Santoshi felt highly angry at Madhavi and said that she and her daughter both can't understand anything. If she didn't come there a big mishappening could take place.

     Roshni asks her to calm down and told her that it's her mistake that she went there as she was not feeling well. Roshni took Santoshi back with her. Madhavi talks to herself and says that she know why Santoshi is so worried. Even she can't imagine that Raman can do something like this.
    On the other side, the ladies of NGO are still trespassing in Raman's office which made his meeting complicated. So he again went to them and asked them to leave his office. A lady among them said that they will but before this they will put on the garland of shoes over him. She uses her force to do so but Ishita comes there and handles the matter. She brought someone with her whole face was covered with black cloth. She told the ladies that this man plotted camera in the trial room when she went shopping for clothes. Now she wants justice too. and asks them to put on black Ink on his face too. As the lady was about to put ink on his face she noticed that it was her husband and stopped.
    Param brought Media at Raman's office to make his news go on viral. He sends a reporter inside the office and asked him to telecast it as the breaking news.
    Simmi switches on news channel in front on Mr.bhalla. He was shocked to see news about Raman on the channel. Simmi calls there  Santoshi too. Simmi shows her the news.
    The reporter starts shooting inside Raman's office. Ishita says that it doesn't matter if the man is his husband. She needs justice. The lady from NGO is not ready to agree that her husband made any video of Ishita and again starts pointing against Raman. The whole scene is being telecasted live on the news channel. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla felt more concerned after watching the news. Ishita is still arguing to prove that the man shoot her video and he must be punished. His wife claims that she knows her husband very well. Anyone may come to her and blame her husband for such a task. How can she agree? Ishita says yes she should not. Just like her husband Raman is too a respected man, a family man, and father of 2 daughters he can't do this all. They are protesting against him on the basis of a single CCTV footage that just proves through that Raman went with Tanya to her house. It doesn't prove that he made that video. Maybe he is being trapped. They can't punish Raman for any such crime that he didn't do. She believes that her husband is innocent.
    Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla appreciate Ishita and regrets distrusting their own child Raman. Roshni and Mihka went to share the news with Madhavi.Simmi went upset.
    Ishita explained those ladies that they should think once before going against any person and confirm whether he is real culprit or not. The lady agreed.
    Santoshi reached there and thanks her for saving Raman. The lady asks Ishita how she brought her husband there. Ishita told them that she was consulting about Raman's case with him. She told him whole matter and he was ready to help her. She thanked him.
    Now Tanya was left alone. As she was about to go. Ishita stopped her and asked her to tell the truth. But still, Tanya is stick to her lie and blaming Raman. Ishita replies that she will prove her wrong within 2 days.
    Raman is feeling uneasy. He felt dizziness and later became unconscious. Ishita gets worried. And Tanya leaves at the chance.

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