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  • Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 18th July 2018 Written Update "Kartik Worried For Naira,Naira back to Jaipur"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 18th July 2018 Written Update
            YRKKH 18th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 18th July 2018 Written Update "Kartik Worried For Naira,Naira back to Jaipur".

    As the episode starts Kartik receives a call from Naitik.Naitik thanks him to offer help to Naksh but he didn't need it.He tells him that he listened him talking to Naksh so he decided to convey the message to him before Manish.


    He also says that I was not with Naksh at those times so he felt alone but now as am coming with him and we will solve our problems ourselves.Naira was listening their conversation.Kartik thinks how Naira will live alone in Mumbai if Naitik will come here.Manish comes there and asks him about their clients from Mumbai.

    Kartik was lost in thoughts of Naira and he replies that yes they are coming but how she will live alone.Manish asks him What?Kartik asks what he said.Manish repeat his question Kartik told him that it's all sorted.Manish asks him why Naira will live alone.Kartik tells him that Naitik is coming to Udaypur.When Manish asks him why he replies that he don't know Naitik just sounded some upset.Manish replies that who is not upset Kartik...and leaves.

    Naira's friends and neighbours gave farewell to her. Naira says that She can't forget these years spent with them.she will miss them all. And their family leaves from there.
    Next morning Kartik was jogging in the park. He is worried how Naira is going to live alone in Mumbai. When Naira's car passes from the park both of them could feel each other's presence but ignored the feeling.

    Devyani requests Bhabimaa not to be upset as Naira is coming to her home after a long time. Bhabimaa told her that she is disappointed in their breaking relation. Naira and others arrive there. Bhabhimaa and Devyani gave a warm welcome to her. Devyani offers her a mirror and asks her to look into it and see if she had left something behind. Naira saw Kartik's face in the mirror but says nothing and moved on.

    Kartik asks Suwarna about her health.she says that she is fine. Kartik then asks her where is Mansi. Suwarna tells him that she is in her room from yesterday. Kartik says is this because what he told her the previous day. Suwarna says that he didn't do anything wrong. She told him that she talked to Mr.Sharma. Kartik asks Who? Mr.sharma? Suwarna told him that he is his divorce lawyer. She also asks him to tell about him to Naira's family as he may call them.

    Kartik calls Naira. He tells her about Mr.sharma...It was very hard for both of them to talk about that matter. Kartik asks her if they hired any lawyer but Naira says that she will tell him when they will. Then Naira asks him if he wanted to speak anything else. Kartik said No...but as she was about to cut the call he asks him How will she manage alone in Mumbai. But before he could complete his question. Naira's mobile switched off and hence disconnected. Kartik tries to call her again but the number was switched off. He felt shocked to see that call was shifted to a local call. He suspected that May be Naira is in Udaipur.
    Naira cries as the call disconnects. She talks to Akshara's photo and says she can't do it. It really hard for her. She might have said to be apart from him but her heart is not ready at all. Everybody thinks that she took the decision because of her ego. But it's only she who knows that she did it to vanish the differences between Kartik and Suwarna. As she knows how hard it is for someone to stay away from his mother. Naira remembered something and took out a diary from he purse. She opened it and read "A decision took with good intention is never wrong and a decision took with the wrong intention is never right. She learned a lesson that if you are ever changing puzzled up with her decision. Keep your hand on your heart and your heartbeat will tell if the decision is right or wrong. She tries the same.
    On the other side, Naitik tells Naksh that he found many small mistakes in his accounts. Naksh replies that they wouldn't be there if he has helped him. Naitik replies that he is not a kid now and he will not be there for him always. Naksh remembered him that even Naira is not a kid but still he was always there for him. Naitik replies that Naira's situation was different there's a difference between life and business. Naksh tells him that he knew it and that's why Naitik can't impose his family problems in his business. He holds his hand and said that I disappointed and hurt you. I am your stupid son. But now am happy that you are with me. But please try to understand me and the reason for my mistakes.
    Naira was in her room. She heard someone calling her and was surprised to see Anmol in front of her. She asks him how he had come his work is going on and if his mother is with him. He told her that he came with his Daadi as he wanted to talk to her. He said that he likes a girl and want to marry her and needs her help in this matter. He denied to tell anything about the girl and diverts the discussion by saying that he will tell her everything when her mood will be fine.

    On the other side, Mansi too talked the same with Kartik. Kartik agreed to help her. Mansi also told him that she will tell about the guy when everything will be fine.

    PRECAP FOR Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 19th July 2018 Written Update :

    Anmol and Mansi Both Bring Their Family to Venue and They All Get Shocked to See as Singhania and Goenkas are the Families.

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