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  • Thursday, 12 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 12th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Gets Jealous To See Anika with Nikhil"

    Ishqbaaaz 12th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Gets Jealous To See Anika with Nikhil" In the previous episode, we saw how Shivaay wad disappointed to know about Anika's marriage fixation. 

    He asks her to come out as he wanted to talk to her. He goes out. Every moment with Anika is in front of her. He is just lost in them. Song Milke Bhi hum na mile.....plays.

    Anika goes near Shivaay and asks him what he needed to talk about. Shivaay replies nothing and asks her to go. Anika requests him to break  Priyanka's marriage with Daksh as he is not a good guy but Shivaay asks her if she is sure that she is marrying a good one. Anika says that it's not about her it's about Priyanka. 

    Shivaay replies he already discussed the topic with her and don't want to talk about it again. Anika's piece reaches there and asks Shivaay if he could take his future wife with him.and denotes Anika as future Mrs.Nikhil Sharma. and placed hand on her shoulder. Shivaay says nothing but his expression says all about his heart.that how disappointed and jealous he felt. Priyanka congratulates Anika after knowing about her marriage. 

    Shivaay reaches there. Priyanka tells him about Anika marriage and asked him to congratulate her but he says nothing. Anika tries to divert the situation. She says Priyanka "Aap".Priyanka says that they are friends now and she doesn't need to call her AAP.

     Priyanka also asks Anika to take leave for the day as it's her engagement. Shivaay was shocked to know that Anika is getting engaged too soon and. By coincidence on the day of his and Tia's engagement. Anika takes Priyanka with her by the excuse of showing her wedding themes. As they both left Om and Rudra reached there and asks Shivaay what happened to him. Shivaay says"Shaadi kar Rahi Hai," Om and Rudra say well they know Priyanka is going to marry. 

    Then Shivaay says He is not talking about her. Rudra thinks that Shivaay is talking about his and Tia's wedding and said in a funny way that Shivaay's Hindi is too bad. Shivaay says he is talking about Anika.both of them were surprised. and tried to ask why her wedding matters to him Shivaay diverts the discussion and leaves. Shivaay received a call from Daadi and she asks him to ask jeweler about his and Tia's engagement ring.
    Shivaay hears Anika talking to Priyanka about Payal and Daksh. He thought Anika may say anything wrong to her so he calls her with an excuse of work. He gives Anika a task to prepare 100 kg Laddoo within two hours to be sender with the wedding invitation.

     He asks her if she can't do this work then she can leave the job. Anika finds that it's hard to get them in such small time from outside and decides to prepare 100 kg Laddoo herself. Anika goes to the kitchen and starts preparing Laddoo. Shivaay was watching her but stayed silent.
    On the other side, Anika's Chachi says Gauri to call her and ask her to come home as it's her engagement. Gauri calls Anika and Gauri was shocked to know that she was making Laddoo and asked her whether she is a wedding planner or confectioner. Anika replies that she will explain everything later and disconnected the call.
    Shivaay was taking the ring from the jeweler but Anika's Chachi entered there shouting"Oh Anika" and told to shivaay that they had come to take Anika as it's her engagement today. Anika reached there felt shocked to see Chachi and Gauri there but told shivaay that laddoo is ready and packed he can send them with the invitation.
    Gauri noticed Anika's swollen hands. Chachi scolds her and said they don't have a ring to give Nikhil and now Anika can't even wear his ring too. Anika asked her to discuss the matter at home as they were about to leave Shivaay asked her to stop as he needed her help. 

    Anika asked Gauri and Chachi to leave.
    At home, Chachi saw Golden chain that Gauri planned to gift Anika on her wedding and tried to snatch it from Gauri. but Gauri warned her and asked her not to even think about it.

     During the engagement, Everyone gets shocked to discover a ring in Anika's left hand. So we will find out where the ring came from

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