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  • Thursday, 12 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2018 Written Update"Ishita take Cares of Raman Amma-Ishita Milan"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2018 Written Update"Ishita take Cares of Raman Amma-Ishita Milan"

    Ishita again asks Raman to let her apply balm. But again he disagree and said that he had already applied ointment.But Ishita finally won to lay him down and started massaging his back. She told him the benefits of massage but Raman already felt asleep.
    Yeh hai mohabbatein.....plays

    She made him comfortable and put blanket over him.Ishita took his phone and thought to check whether his screensaver was still same or not.But discovered it later as changed.And remembered the earlier moments.She also tried the earlier password to unlock his mobile but it was too changed.She tried to guess his password...but failed.

    Phone rang and Raman woke up and asked her what is she doing with his phone.H e asks her to stop spying. Ishita tried to make an excuse but her confused mind couldn't got any proper one and she left by saying she don't want to talk to him.
    Raman was surprised to discover that his back pain just vanished.

    Simmi arrived home and asked Manjari to bring her all warm clothes as she need to wear them immediately.Madhvi was listening everything standing by the door.Madhvi entered Bhalla house silently to see Ishita but Santoshi spotted her.and asked her what happened.but she diverted the question with another excuse.

    Ishita reached there.Madhvi took the stencil and went to the door.Santoshi asked her to stay but she didn't.Ishita knew that Madhvi wanted to talk to her but she can' she thought to give her some more time

    Manjari laughed as she watched simmi in warm clothes.Simmi scolded her and said she can't understand warm clothes will keep the negative powers away from her.Manjari was about to switch the AC on but Simmi stopped her and asked her to leave.Simmi strongly believed that Viijay diwan's method will surely be beneficial for her.
    Ishita asked Roshni and everyone else to have lunch.She asked Roshni to do it soon as they need to visit gynaecologist.Raman said that there is time for appointment and he will too join them.Ishita asked why he will go with them if she is going with Roshni.Raman memorised her the statement given in court.Ishita agreed.
    Madhvi reached there with Jeerarassam she brought for Roshni.She looked at Ishita as she wanted to talk to her but... controlled her emotions went to Raman ignoring her.But Raman received a call and asked her to wait.Ishita and Madhvi were left alone there.Madhvi placed the container on table and made a fake excuse and left.Ishita tasted it and said Nobody can make better Jeerarassam than her Ammaa.Madhvi was watching everything silently at the door.Bahla reached there and discovered Madhvi looking silently at Ishita eating rassam.Bala asked Madhvi to talk to Ishita directly but she started crying and left.
    Raman told Roshni that he had appointed a yoga teacher for her.But Ishita says that she can teach her required Exercise herself through internet.Again Raman disagree and their agrument starts again.
    At the moment Simmi reached there wearing warm clothes.Ishita and Raman were shocked.Simmi told them that it will keep the negative energies away from her.Simmi asked Raman not to interrupt and leave her alone and went inside.Raman received a call and left.Madhvi entered in laughing hilariously.Ishita was surprised to know that it was Madhvi's plan.Madhvi told her about Viijay diwan's and everything else
    But suddenly Santoshi became silent and went towards the door.Ishita stopped her and requested Santoshi to talk to her as she misses her too much.Ishita expressed her feelings and Santoshi's resentment disappeared.She finally forgive her and hug her.

    PRECAP : Raman is Heavily Drunk and Param and Simmi Taunt Ishita and Raman.Next Day Tanya comes and accuses Raman for Making her Video while she was in Bathroom

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