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  • Thursday, 12 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 12th July 2018 Written Update "Naira Decides to Give Divorce to Kartik "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 12th July 2018 Written Update
    "Naira Decides to Give Divorce to Kartik ".
    The episode continues with Suwarna's blubber.She is still asking Kartik why he alienated her and hid all this from her.S he is broken by Kartik's deceive and said he might have not done so if she was his real mother.

    Kartik says that it She is his mother and real or not doesn't matters to him.And requests her to calm down. Suwarna asks him to leave her alone and go to Naira who is more important for him than her.He loved Naira even after knowing that she hates her.Suwarna's situation is becoming more and more serious.

    Kartik consoles her by saying that Naira is none for him she will never be.and tries to calm Suwarna.
    Naira is listening their conversation at the door.She is in state of extreme grief after listening Kartik's words.and leaves the hospital.
    Doctor asks Kartik to leave he already denied him to meet her.
    Kartik's words are continuesly echoing in Naira's mind and she is just broken.

    Naitik asks Naira did she talked to Kartik but she everts the answer by saying"Chaliye Papa".
    Manish says sorry to Kartik as he blames himself for Suwarna's present situation.
    But Kartik replies that he hurt his mother too much and now she is so broken just because of him.He must not hide anything from her.If anything will happen to Suwarna he wouldn't be able to tolerate it.and leaves.

    Manish says to Daadi that he just wanted to bring everyone together but head over heels everything scattered more.
    Naira was sitting alone and remembering what Kartik said.Kartik comes from behind and took her in arms and asks is she upset with him.a nd tries to explain his statement.
    Naira replies that she can understand he did all this for his mother.she know how it feels when one loses his mother.So she has no problem with whatever Kartik said to Suwarna in the hospital.
    Kartik asks her where the have reached.They can't move one step ahead or back.Cant we do anything.
    Naira replies that they need to do something.
    But suddenly Naira realize that nobody is near her.That was her illusion.

    On the other side Kartik too saw the same dream in which he apologize for whatever he said about Naira and his relation.
    He felt little confused and says he dont know what is between Naira and him but he want Suwarna too be fine soon.
    Naira takes a final decision and lookin at Akshara's photo asks to herself whether the step she is taking us right or wrong.
    Naksh reaches home.Naitik asks him about Suwarna and he replies that she is better.Naksh went near Naira and she asks him for his help as she thinks that he is the only one who will surely understand her and support her.Naksh agrees to help her and calls Daadi for some papers.Daadi asks Naksh to request to Naira to think once more about her decision.
    Naitik packs food that Naksh could take hospital.Kirti was surprised to know that Naira prepared the food as she thought she might be upset because of what happened yesterday.
    Naitik asks Naira where is she going and denies her to go hospital.but Naira lies that she is going somewhere else for some work and leaves with Naksh.
    Naira goes to the hospital and sits beside Suwarna and requests to her to forgive her.She already got a punishment for 2 years and it hurts her too much.

    PRECAP :

    Naira handles divorce paper to Naitik and says that now only one thing can happen between them.

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