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  • Wednesday, 2 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita Shocked "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita Shocked "

    Episode Start With Adi telling Raman that he just went to drop Roshni home, goons after her, I saved her, her house fuse was blown off, I fixed it and stayed there, she is my friend, our family broke ties with her, what wrong did I do to help her, I was coming home, Mani came here and raised hand on me, Ruhi called me to tell about Kiran’s arrest, so I went there. Raman asks Mani not to touch his son. Mani leaves.

     Adi asks is Kiran really guilty, why did you get her arrested if you aren’t sure. Ishita says we didn’t get her arrested. Raman asks him to go and sleep, its late.

    Its morning, Raman and Ishita come to police station. Lawyer gets bail papers. Inspector says Kiran is already bailed out. Raman asks did her husband get her bail. Inspector says no, he was someone else. Kiran gets freed. She calls someone and thanks. Aaliya asks Adi to check fuse box. 

    He says I don’t understand anything, we have to call electrician. She asks what happened, that’s surprising, you can’t fix fuse box here, when you fixed the fuse at Roshni’s house. He says that was simple, our house has complicated box, what’s wrong. She says stop it, how much will you lie. He says think anything. She says I m your wife, I know you. He asks her to stop it. Neelu says its Mani’s call for you. Adi asks Aaliya to control her thinking. Mani hears Adi shouting. Aaliya checks the phone and disconnects. Mani gets angry and says enough is enough.

    Bala asks Amma and Appa why are they treating Kiran like this. Appa says we can’t support anyone who is involved in criminal activity. Amma says Ishita and Raman have proof against her. Bala defends Kiran. He says Kiran would not be knowing about this scam. Appa says I know its your duty to support her, but I can see this clearly. 

    Bala says I should have gone from here, Vandu isn’t here, how can I live then. Amma says we always regarded you our son. Appa asks why are you talking about leaving home. Amma says Kiran was arrested, she came out on bail, she is guilty, she has done something illegal, a girl lost her life, Bala think everything is fine, we gave Vandu’s responsibility to her, didn’t she think about them. Appa says let Bala go, we can see the truth. He asks Bala to prove Kiran innocent if he wants her to get respect. Bala says fine, I will find the culprit.

    Raman says Kiran’s lawyer won’t tell us anything, its a serious crime. Mani comes home. Mani says I will keep coming till matter gets solved. He shouts Adi. He says Adi lied to us. Adi says I didn’t lie, I helped Roshni. Mani gets angry. Ishita says enough, we trust Adi. Mani says you are wrong this time, Aaliya tell everyone, you have a doubt on him. Adi says go and ask Roshni and house owner. Mani says yes, they are with you. Raman asks do you hear Aaliya talking, you have a doubt, don’t get between them. Ishita says you are our friend and relative, you have no right to beat Adi like this, parents should explain children, you are making them away. Raman gets a call and says what, lawyer is found. He asks Ishita to come. They ask Mani to calm down and leave. Aaliya asks Mani to listen. She says sorry, I will manage everything. He asks why didn’t you say anything there, you can’t manage anything. He goes.

    Mihika collides with Kiran. Her veg bag falls. Kiran helps. Mihika scolds her for the scam. She says we had faced a loss in business, what about people’s lives, everyone were supportive, Ishita got you married to Bala, I thought you were a really nice human being, you are standing here like a shameless person. Bala comes and says enough, don’t talk in our family matter. Mihika argues. He says enough, I will prove her innocent.

    Raman and Ishita come to meet lawyer Viswani. They sit in his cabin. Raman says I told about appointment so that we get a chance to meet him. Viswani comes. Raman says we want to talk about Kiran’s bail. Kiran gets Bala to room. She asks why are you fighting with relatives because of me, you will get away from them. Bala says even if you are wrong, its my duty to support you. She says I have no proof, everyone is upset because of me.

    Bala consoles her. He wipes her tears and says you are innocent for me, when Vandu left me, I thought how will I raise Shravan and Shitija, you came in my life and changed it, I will prove you innocent, don’t worry. He goes. She cries and says I did wrong, how will you prove me innocent, I didn’t know that an innocent girl will lose life, I did all that for money, I got trapped in this mess. Ishita says Kiran is like my sister, I can’t believe she is the mastermind behind this racket, if you tell us the name of the person who did her bail, we can help. Viswani says its against ethics to reveal client name. She says Kiran was doing a big crime to ruin people’s lives, Sonakshi committed suicide, we can’t that person to be caught, they are using Raman’s company name. He says I understand, but culprit is proved wrong when crime is proved. Peon gets some files. Raman and Ishita see the letterhead. They leave. Raman asks did you see that file, we have to do something.

    Precap : Ishita goes to check the file. She checks a message on Viswani’s call and says what, he is involved, he did the bail. Raman says why will he do this.

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