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  • Wednesday, 2 May 2018

    Naamkarann 2nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil-Avni's Divorce Confirmed By Court"

    Naamkarann 2nd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil-Avni's Divorce Confirmed By Court"

    Kamini’s goon keeps an eye on Mogli, she tells him to as told. Mogli goes to get his ball which lands near the goon, the goon starts talking to Mogli and gives him chocolates. 

    Avni tells Sunhari that they need to make their argument strong for Mogli. Sunhari gives her courage. Avni and Sunhari look for Mogli, the goon grabs Mogli and stops him from screaming. Mogli pushes the ball which goes close to Avni. Avni reaches there and gets shocked to see Mogli in the clutches of the kidnapper. Avni follows them, Kidnapper leaves Mogli and runs. Mogli cries bitterly, Avni consoles him and tells him not to worry as his mom is with him. Kidnapper informs the happenings to Kamini, she tells the kidnapper to hide away. Kamini thinks she must keep Avni away adoptions. 

    Avni gives courage to Mogli and praises him for being strong and brave. Sunhari feeds cake to Mogli. In the night, Avni gets worried remembering the kidnapping attempt, Avni wonders who wants to kidnap Mogli, Sunhari says may be Nein, Avni says Neil will never do such a thing. Avni thinks had Neil been there, the kidnapper would have been in grave trouble. Avni shows her full trust in Neil. Avni gets determined to find out the real culprit behind the kidnapping. The news channel telecasts the news of child kidnapping and child trafficking, Avni and Sunhari get shocked.

    They decide to take major precautions for the kids. Later, Avni tells all the kids that she is Mogli’s mom, but never disclosed it as she never wanted any special treatment for him. Avni shares a heartwarming moment with kids. Avni gets Saisha’s call, she decides to meet Saisha next day. Saisha asks Avni to get problems resolved with Neil, Avni says that is not possible. Avni asks Saisha about Kamini, both suddenly see Kamini in the same room, Avni tells Saisha about Mogli’s kidnapping attempt and having no money for ransom. Kamini taunts Avni and tells her to be in her limits to not create enemies. 

    Avni says she will find out who is her new enemy. Kamini calls the lawyer and informs him that Avni is worried for mogli. She tell him to finish his job. Neil gets the court order and gets shocked and emotional. Neil comes to meet Avni, Mogli refuses to meet him. Neil shows the court orders to Avni which states that their Divorce is final. Both Neil and Avni get emotional. Neil asks for Mogli, Sunhari coms and tells them that she can’t find Mogli. They search for Mogli in the room, Avni finds him hiding under the bed. Avni asks Mogli to come out and not to be scared. Neil asks to speak with Mogli for  minutes. Neil tells Mogli not to be scared and that Neil will not take him anywhere. Neil tells him that he loves Mogli and will never part him from his mother. Mogli  asks why cannot Neil, Mogli and Avni stay together. Neil gets shocked.


    Avni and Sana land up at Kamini’s place for taking her in custody, Sana says they suspect her for human trafficking.  

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