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  • Thursday, 3 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 3rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode" Shivaay-Anika's Face Off Shivaay Is Angry "

    Ishqbaaaz 3rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode" Shivaay-Anika's Face Off Shivaay Is Angry "

    Ramona scolds Anika for making the ramp wet, later Shivaay screams at Ramona for the mishap. Gauri gets ready for the fashion show, Pooja comes there flimsy clothes and says since Shivaay wants her to be his fake wife, she will have to go for the fashion show. 

    The flashback shows Shivaay telling his family till he doesn't get Trivedi's suicide note from Roop, he has to put up with Pooja as his fake wife. Gauri thinks Pooja is a nice girl to think good for Shivaay. Anika checks her to do list, she suddenly sees Rikara and Ruvya coming in for the fashion shows and gets shocked. Anika hides behind a poster, then she sees Shivaay and remains shell-shocked, she hides. Anika gets emotional to see them all talking. 

    Pooja enters happily and walks towards Shivaay, Anika sees her, they all walk off. Anika cries. Pooja tries to talk to Shivaay, he gets rude with her and reminds her that she is not his wife. Pooja thinks but Shivaay has no choice but to accept her as his wife in front of the world today. Anika decides to leave. Gauri's Zumka falls, she goes back to check, Anika sees her and hides, Anika throws Gauri's Zumka near her.

     Gauri gets happy and thinks Anika is around, Anika hides, Gauri walks towards Anika but Omkara calls her, she tells Omkara that she might have seen Anika, Omkara tells her that she must have mistaken.

    Anika craves to meet Gauri. During the event, Viraaj bumps into Shivaay, they tell each other to be careful. Pooja meets the reporters and do as told by her. Ramona gets angry when Anika says she is leaving.

     A model comes crying as she slipped on the ramp, she turns out to be the show stopper, Ramona gets furious with Anika. Fashion show starts, Viraj asks for the model who was to walk with him, Ramona puts the blame on Anika. Ramona tells Anika to fix the problem or pay for it. Each Player starts walking the ramp with models. Shivaay, Rikara and Ruvya watch the show. Viraj tells Anika to walk the ramp with him or else it will be insult and loss of Shivaay. Anika gets worried about Shivaay. Viraj tells Anika not to be nervous as everyone will only see Viraj. Viraj comes on the ramp, Anika comes on the ramp, Shivaay and Anika see each other. Rikara and Ruvya remain shocked. Viraj feels happy to humiliate Shivaay. Everyone talks about Anika. Viraj holds Anika's hand, Shivaay gets shocked and angry, Rikara and Ruvya get angry the way Viraaj forcefully holds Anika. Viraj forcefully walks the ramp with Anika and then pulls her close to him, Shivaay gets furious. Anika gets shocked and helpless. Viraj hints the reporters, they ask Shivaay about Anika walking the ramp with Anika, reporters ask Viraj if he has any special relationship with Anika. Viraj says he did not know Anika is Shivaay's ex-wife. Viraj says in any case Anika has no value but just because Viraj held her hand, she has got some value. Shivaay gets angry and breaks the table

    PRECAP : Shivaay Reaches the Ramp and Holds Viraaj's Neck and Turn his Side to Anika and He Punches him on His Forhead.Viraaj falls On the Ramp Anika is Shocked.

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