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  • Thursday, 3 May 2018

    Naamkarann 3rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Neil Remembers Avni's Pregnancy Moments"

    Neil tells Mogli that he can always meet Avni, Mogli asks why cannot Avni, Neil and Mogli stay together. Neil says when two adults fight they cannot stay together but they do love their children. Mogli says he will not go away from Avni. Sunhari tells Avni to let out her emotions. 

    Avni says now only Mogli and orphanage kids matter to her. Avni decides to follow up on adoption cases. Avni reaches the addresses in the adoption files, the lady in the house says no one by the name Avni stated stays there. Avni gets shocked to realize she has got a fake address. 

    They immediately leave to check on the address given for Daisy’s adoption, that also turns out to be fake address, they get worried about Jeetu. They go to the address given for NGO, they find it to be a construction site. Avni suspects the lawyer and decides to dig out the matter. In the night, Mitali suggests changes for bedroom decoration, Neil asks her to go ahead. 

    Neil sees the frame brought in by Avni in the past and remembers his past with Avni. The frame breaks from Mitali’s hand, Neil gets annoyed. Avni reaches to meet the lawyer, he makes the drama of being over efficient for the kids. Avni makes the drama of being grateful, she asks him to get the stamp paper.

    As he goes, Avni and Sunhari check his documents and phone. Avni gives him the salary. Later Avni gets to know that number in Lawyer’s phone is of Kamini. Avni realizes that Kamini is trapping her. Avni decides to seek help from police. Mitali gets shocked as Neil reveals that the frame was made by Avni. Mitali tells Neil that his heart and mind is still occupied by Avni, Mitali decides to leave, Neil stops her and apologizes. He says he will get a new frame for their family and that he will surely move on from Avni. Mitali gets called by the Police station and leaves. Neil keeps the pieces of the frame in the box and looks disturbed. Saisha tries to leave to go to the Mall, Kamini stops her and changes to change her lifestyle. Avni comes to Kamini’s house, Mitali joins Avni, Kamini gets shocked. Mitali tells Kamini that she needs to go with them to the Police Station for investigations. Kamini refuses to go, Mitali declares Kamini as the suspect for the disappearance of kids from Sukoon NGO. Avni tells Kamini to cooperate with police. In the Police Station Kamini demands to speak to her husband and son. Mitali says, only after Kamini gives the answers, she can call them. Kamini says she wants to talk to her lawyer and that police has no evidence against her. Mitali shows her the lawyer that had been fooling Avni, Kamini gets shocked. Later, Avni thanks Mitali. Mitali says she will get everything sorted. Avni prays.


    Neil’s lawyer calls Avni characterless, Neil gets angry, Avni cries and runs away, Neil follows. Avni goes missing, Neil looks for her.

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