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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman Confronts Ishita"

    Aliya comes and Sees Breakfast on the table Untouched She asks Maid About where Is Shagun Maid tells her that Shagun is sick and She didn’t Eat Anything Aliya tells Maid to make Black Coffee for her.

    She comes to Room and tries to wake her Up But She is Not waking Up Aliya forces her to wake up and She tells Sits on Bed and tells Aliya that Whenever I wake up I See only one thing Adi is getting Shoot and I couldn’t do anything to Save him so its better that I Should take Medicine and Sleep.

    Aliya tells her to move on Just like Me and You Should Join NGO But Shagun tells her That Mihika Handles Everything.
    She about to Sleep again But Aliya tells her That Pihu will be out of juvenile Home and Raman Papa will Bring her Soon You Should Be There with Pihu she Needs You But Shagun tells her that Two Families are there for Her and I still not forget what ishita did with my Son So I don’t want to Go there Pihu is Her Daughter Like Mother Like Daughter Killer.

    Aliya is Surprised But She tells her that you have Given Birth to Pihu But Shagun tells her that was Just Favour and She asks Aliya don’t you get angry That Ishita Killed you Husband Aliya Stands Up and Says I Feel Angry not on Ishita Because She Did Nothing wrong Adi was out of his Senses
    I feel Angry What She did After Adi’s Death I never Forgive her I hate her.

    There Raman comes Home with Pihu and Mrs Bhalla Does her Aarti and Ruhi takes her inside Raman stands at Door and Seems Upset.
    Everyone Start Pampering her Ruhi comes with Gift But She is not Happy Mihika Notices this and tells her to get some Rest.
    Mrs Bhalla Says No She have to Eat Something Romi Agrees and comes with Kheer and Halwa Puri But She Doesn’t Eat.
    Param comes and tells Pihu that finally Criminal came to House She gets Scared and Goes to Romi and She asks Raman why is Param Here is Bua too here Raman tells her not to Scared this is Your House.
    Pihu tells That She wants Ishi Maa But Raman Shouts on her that I told You not to take her name.
    Ruhi manages the Situation and takes her inside the Room.
    Raman threatens Param that I will Kill You I am Not Saying anything because of Mr Bhalla Param leaves Saying Thanks To Mr Bhalla.
    Pihu asks Ruhi about whereabouts and she wants to Meet Her Ruhi tells her that She will take her to meet Ishi Maa But Don’t Say Anything in front of Papa.
    Both Hugs Each-Other and Cries for Ishita.
    Ishita comes to her Flat and takes Pihu’s Photo and talks with Photo that I Hope You reach Home and Everyone Must be Pampering you She looks at Adi’s Photo and She Remembers Raman’s Harsh word.
    She asks Adi’s pic that will You Ever Forgive me without You Living is Hard for me Everyone is angry from me They Love You.
    Ishita gets Roshni's Call and she asks Ishita Did she Eat? Ishita Lies and tells her that She Prepared So Many Things and She Acts like Taking everything out from Freezer and Roshni catches her Lies and tells her I Know You are Living and She asks her About Pihu and Ishita tells her that Pihu is at home.
    Roshni tells her that I Shouldn’t come to Bangalore leaving you alone But ishita tells her to concentrate on work.
    Ishita comes to Room and Cries with Adi’s Photo in Her hand and There Raman is Drinking at Bar and Remembering How Ishita Killed his Son Adi.
    Raman confronts Ishita for killing Adi, and not thinking of giving him a second chance. Raman misses Adi a lot. Ishita too feels lonely. Raman scolds her for ruining his life. He asks her society to remove her from the apartment. Ishita clarifies her move. Ishita doesn’t get his apology. Romi and Mihika try to calm down drunk Raman. They don’t want Raman to create a scene and hurt others. Ishita feels bad seeing Raman’s state. Raman asks her to stay away from Pihu.

    Precap : Pihu has Nightmare and She is calling Ishi Maa ishita comes to her and Pihu Hugs her Raman comes to Room and tells her to leave But Ishita Denies Raman Drags her to Stair and Pushes her she falls from Stairs.

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