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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 23rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Oberoi Brother are Shocked to Listen About Bhavya's Pregnancy"

    Ishqbaaaz 23rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Oberoi Brother are Shocked to Listen About Bhavya's Pregnancy"

    Anika is Correcting Shivaay Pocket and She is Smiling Shivaay asks her why are you Smiling from Morning She asks Do you have any problem in that?

    He Says No But I have Confusion Tell Me the reason She says I will Prepare the Breakfast you Get ready He Stops her and Tells her that he completely Ready She again Smiles and Shivaay asks her Do you want to tell me Something She About to Say But Bhavya comes running to them and asks about Rudra Shivaay tells her No they don’t know But why are you so panicked ?

    Bhavya tells that We don’t Know where is he? He is Not at Home they come down at the hall where Khanna tells That His Car is not at Home too Omkara tells One of his friends Tells That he was Talking weird Like his Life is Going to End.
    Bhavya gets Panicked Anika Gauri asks Her Any Fight between you She Says Nothing We just talked in Morning After that He vanished somewhere.

    Shivaay tells Omkara to come with him we will take Police help Bhavya tells She will also call to her old team.
    Shivaay-Omkara is Searching Him By Car They Get Bhavya’s Call That Police found Rudra’s car at Nariman Point But Rudra is not in the car.

    Shivaay takes Phone and talks with Bhavya About Rudra’s Phone’s Location Bhavya tells Rudra’s Phone’s Location.
    Both come to One Bar Where they Get Shocked to See Rudra is Dancing with So Many Girls and after Some Dance, He gets shocked To See Shivaay and Omkara Who Scold Him That You are doing Party and we are all Worried for You And Bhavya She is So worried and You are Partying.
    Rudra Cries that I am Not Doing Party My Life is Finished so that’s why I am enjoying my Last Day But You both don’t Cry for me and He Cries and Lye down on Couch.
    Omkara and Shivaay look at him and They throw water on his Face.
    They take him to one park where he does Drama that He doesn’t want to catch in this Situation But Now He is Stuck.
    Shivaay asks Him Do you want to Eat Something But He Says No I don’t they ask what Is the Real Problem.
    He tells them what happened to him he Narrated that When He woke up this Morning.
    He remembers the morning incident.
    Flashback :
    Bhavya Falls on the Floor after feeling dizzy he rushes to her and Makes her Sit and asks Her what Happened? She tells I am feeling Dizzy and Vomiting too she tells him to get some Lemonade for Her.
    Rudra comes to Kitchen and Prepare Lemonade for her But Dadi asks him what Happened and he tells Bhavya is Feeling Sick and she is Feeling Dizzy too
    Dadi asks Him Any Good News Rudra? Dadi’s word Sank in him and He understands What happened to Bhavya Glass Fall from his hand and Dadi leaves with Singing Song Mere Ghar aayi Ek Nanhi part.
    Flashback End
    Omkara Slaps Him that You Left Bhavya when she was sick Shivaay Asks Him Why didn’t you ask Dadi what was Good News Means?
    He Tells Them What Good News means and Both Shivaay and Omkara Understand What is he Saying.
    Both get Shocked and Stand Up and Asks Him Are You pregnant He tells No I am Not But Bhavya is Pregnant.
    They hear One Girl Calling “Papa” and They Look at Girl.
    Rudra gets furious and scolds her mother. Shivaay and Omkara calm him down. Rudra says he was not ready to become a father and all the changes that would come with it. Rudra says he can see his future. Rudra is seen trying to feed a baby, Khanna plays with the baby. Khanna makes fun of Rudra calling him an uncle. Rudra screams imagining his future and begs Shivaay to save him. Shivaay and Omkara try to cheer up Rudra, but Rudra keeps crying. Rudra says he doesn't want to be known as Ruvya's father. Shivaay gets a call from Anika, Shivaay informs Anika that Rudra is fine. Bhavya says she wants to talk to him, Shivaay says Rudra will talk to her once they are back home. Anika consoles Bhavya. Anika feels that Shivaay is hiding something from them. Bhavya confirms to Anika that she had no fight with Rudra. Rudra keeps cribbing about looking after Ruvya the whole time. Rudra tells Shivaay that he could have become a father before him. Omkara tells him that it is Oberoi tradition as Shakti became father before Tej. Shivaay and Omkara tell Rudra to relax and focus on preparing to be a father. Omkara tells Rudra that he and Shivaay will look after Ruvya. Shivaay tells Rudra that after becoming a father, Rudra may actually like it. Shivaay tries to tell positive points about having a baby. They see something.

    PRECAP : Shivaay tells Everyone that If Someone tell me about Pregnancy i will react like Same Anika asks Him don't you want kids? He tells Her No I Don't want kids everyone gets shocked.

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