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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Naira Takes Admission in College Kartik leaves For Mumbai"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Naira Takes Admission in College Kartik leaves For Mumbai" 

    The episode starts with Naira leaves and Kartik feels so disappointed and Cries Chitti Asks Him What Happened what is written in the Papers.

    Naitik tells him that Kartik withdraws all his rights from Dance academy and Same Naira did too I was Thinking That This Academy Bound them together Now Both Left their rights He Feels So Helpless that He can’t do anything for his Daughter.
    There Manish is Feeling Same That He can’t do anything for Kartik he wishes that Once he wants Kartik to talk with Naira Akhilesh asks him how? Because No one knows where are Naira She Left and No contact with anyone.

    Manish tells I won’t lose help Akhilesh Supports Him Manish gives him Mumbai Project file and He wants Kartik to move to Mumbai He is Feeling Suffocated from two years in this City.
    Suwarna comes and tells Him That She doesn’t want Kartik to go anywhere She can’t live without seeing Her Son Manish tells Her that He is His Son too but He is not Selfish She takes this on her but Manish Tells her that He didn’t mean like that.

    He tells Suwarna that He wants to Decide Something for his son You have Snatched this right before too but Not this time.
    She tells him that he didn’t go anywhere alone from last two years I am not used to it Manish tells her to get used to it.
    Kartik comes and he is talking to Phone Manish stops and Forcefully Gives him Files Suwarna tries o interfere but Manish Leaves No Choice.

    He takes files and Leaves Suwarna Tells him that you are not doing right He tells May Be this time He will get something good for him.
    Naira comes to College an She Stands and Looks at College Gate She Hears Kartik’s Voice that Goes Naira and Fulfills your Dream I am most happy if you fulfill your dream Go Now She Looks here and There and Opens the gate and walks Inside.
    She nervously looks Around and Stops when She Hears someone talking about changing the Name on Board She looks at her Shoeless and Ties She Missed Goenka Name.
    At Goenka House, In Kartik’s Room, Kartik is seeing People who are Fixing Tv and He Throws away the Goenka Files.
    Naira is Climbing the Stairs and Someone collides with Some Men who have Trustee Aka Goenka’s papers and Papers Falls on Naira Some Papers Mixed with her and she keeps in her bag and She about to Read Other Papers and But Those Men come and take those papers.
    Suwarna worries that Kartik is going away from her. She gets scared thinking she will lose him. She asks him to make a promise that he will take care of himself. Kartik promises her. Naira submits the form. Manish wishes Kartik and Naira meet in Mumbai. Devyaani and Bhabhi maa meet Suwarna at the temple. They talk to Suwarna about uniting Kartik with Naira. Suwarna doesn’t keep their request. Kirti prays for Kartik and Naira’s happiness. Naitik attempts to make Naira smile. Naitik and Manish stay stressed about their children. Naira avoids talking about her past. She doesn’t want to recollect Kartik’s memories. She just loves Kartik, but doesn’t express it. Naitik understands her emotions.

    PRECAP : Kartik comes to College In Car and Naira comes with Cab Both come out of Cab and Naira walks with Her Head down.Kartik is Talking to Someone

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