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  • Monday, 7 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 7th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Pinky Reveals To Shivaay That Anika is Innocent"

    Ishqbaaaz 7th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Pinky Reveals To Shivaay That Anika is Innocent"

    Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra walk On the Ramp in Attitude after that Gauri, Bhavya Walk on the Ramp. Shivaay and Anika walk together but very awkwardly.

    After that Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya walk the ramp. Gauri and Bhavya Hold Anika’s Hand and walk with her.
    Later, Gauri asks Anika to go home with them, Anika refuses to go to Oberoi Mansion. Rikara and Ruvya try to persuade Anika. Omkara asks Shivaay to ask Anika to stop, Shivaay says there is no point in telling anything to someone who doesn't want to listen. 

    Shivaay says he had told her to wait for him, but Anika did not listen. Anika points out that Shivaay never told her anything even after asking and she is getting blamed when everything got messed up. Rikara and Ruvya try to convince Anika, but Anika says Oberoi Mansion is not her home. Anika tells Gauri to go back and look after the home and everyone. Shivaay doesn't listen to Rikara and Ruvya and says Khanna will drop Anika. she refuses to go with Khanna, hugs Rikara and Ruvya and leaves. 

    Gauri cries bitterly, Omkara shouts at Shivaay to stop Anika, Shivaay says the person who wants to leave should not be stopped, Anika leaves with tears, Shivaay gets teary. Rikara and Ruvya cry bitterly. in Oberoi Mansion, Bhavya consoles Gauri as she cries over separation from Anika. ShivOmRu watch them sadly. Omkara makes Shivaay realize that Anika and Gauri got united and again separated within a short time. Rudra says Gauri at least has them, Anika has no one. Shivaay walks away. Omkara and Rudra get angry and shout at Shivaay for not stopping Anika.

    They tell Shivaay that Anika can never go against Oberoi family. Shivaay reveals that he is worried that Roop might try to hurt Anika and hence he is not getting Anika home. Shivaay says since Roop knows Anika is his weakness, and Roop will target her. Shivaay says he wanted to make Roop angry by telling the truth in front of the media. Shivaay says when he saw Anika in the fashion show he decided to end Roop game of blackmailing as both Shivaay and Anika cannot live without each other. He says he wants Roop to act erratically to expose her. Shivaay says he wants to close the Kalyani Mills chapter once for all. Someone tries to remove Pinky's oxygen mask, it turns out to be Roop. Roop cries bitterly over Veer and acts mad. Roop says she can kill Pinky but for avenging Veer's death, Shivaay must die and pinky must be alive to see Shivaay's death to realize Roop's pain. Shivaay decides to go and check on Pinky. Suddenly a chair falls on Shivaay and he falls from the staircase and hits the ground. Shivaay sees Roop at the top, Shivaay gets happy to see Roop as his plan is working. Roop says she will kill Shivaay and starts beating Shivaay with wood. Shivaay says he did note wrong, Roop disagrees and tries to kill Shivaay, right then, Pinky comes and hits on Roop's hand with a bat. Roop and Shivaay get shocked. Pinky screams at Roop and warns her to stay away. Roop says Shivaay has to die. Pinky says till she is alive no one can touch Shivaay. Pinky reveals that Roop did everything and instigated Anika against her and gave proofs to police on Anika's name. pinky says her accident was caused by Roop. Pinky says Anika is innocent and Roop is the culprit.

    PRECAP : Roop Goes Mad and She Blurts Everything And She tells Shivaay he has No Proof But Shivaay Shows His Phone and Tells her that he has Recorded everything She confessed.

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