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  • Monday, 7 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2018 Written Episode Written Update "Raman-Ishita Caught Kiran and Suraj"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2018 Written Episode Written Update "Raman-Ishita Caught Kiran and Suraj"

    Ishita is Busy in Phone and Mrs. Bhalla Asks Daal But Ishita is Still Busy Ruhi Gives Daal to Mrs. Bhalla and she asks Ishita what Happened to her and Raman.

    Simmi Taunts Ishita That Her Relative Ruined Raman’s Name That’s why Bhai is Busy and He is not Saying anything Because she is ishita’s relative.
    Madhavi comes and Tells Raman and Ishita to come But Mrs. Bhalla Taunts her that Because of your Daughter we are facing this Problem Your daughter should come but Raman Apologies To Madhavi and Tells Mrs. Bhalla To Stop Taunting her.

    Raman and Ishita and Madhavi talk In the Corner and Madhavi Inform them Kiran Talking Someone very Secretly But She was little tensed She was talking about Some money.
    Ishita tells her Amma to Help them by Informing everything about her Madhavi gets Hyper But Ishita tells her to talk normally with Kiran and She leaves Ruhi comes and asks what Happened Why you were talking About Kiran Ishita Signals Raman and they take her inside to tell everything.

    Mrs. Iyer and Mr. Iyer at Dining Table and Mrs. Iyer Start Her Acting of Headache and Kiran comes and helps them This way Madhavi starts talking to her she tells her to Make coffee for Mr. Iyer.
    Aliya about to leave for office But Adi comes with breakfast She is Surprised to do is everyone Adi Even Gifts her One office bag. Ishita tells Raman to learn something from him He makes Faces.

    Adi tells Aliya that I want You To Look Perfect for new Project.
    Raman gets Lawyer’s Call and ishita leaves with Raman. Adi tells Aliya that he will Drop her.
    There Bala comes Homes and Sees Mrs. Iyer and Asks her what Happened Kiran comes with Coffee  Bala tells That he will come with medicine But Amma tells them that She wants to talk something.
    She tells that she is sorry for everything she did with both Kiran and Bala tells Her not to Say Sorry and They Decide not to talk about this issue in this house.
    Shravan tells Aliya that Adi Bought Mobile for  her But She tells He didn’t Give me Anything But She tells May be He will Gift me Later Because He Just gave me this Bag.
    He Says Sorry for Spoiling Surprise But she tells not to tell anything To Adi.
    Roshni Sees The New Phone and She decides to Call Adi that She Doesn’t Need His Phone But She thinks Why I call Him? I should Message Him So that I can control my emotion But She doesn’t send a message and Scold her self that why she is So scared to meet him.
    She Again Decides to meet him up and Talk with Him.
    Raman and Ishita Meet with Lawyer they get Madhavi calls that She is at Home But Suddenly Kiran comes and Madhavi talks in Tamil Raman Asks why ishita Explain May Be Kiran is Near to her.
    Madhavi asks Ishita to send any Logo So that She Can Search File Easily.
    Raman teases Ishita that her whole Family is Interested in Spying.
    Mani comes and asks Raman to Attend the New Project meeting.
    At House Kiran tells Amma To Leave for Bank But She tells Her to Brought Paneer when she will return.
    Amma Decides to Follow Kiran with Auto and She Follows her.
    Raman tells ishita in between Meeting to Call Amma and Ishita calls And Amma tells her that She is Following Kiran By Auto.
    Ishita tells Amma to Send her Location and she informs Same to Raman Who Tells Mani and Aditya and They All Decide to Go there.
    Kiran comes to Restaurant and Amma Hides her face and comes Inside and Sits In the Corner and Keeps Eyes on Her.
    Suraj comes with A Hat on his Head and he Sits in front of Kiran But Amma cant see his Face.
    Suraj tells her to go any other Place and They Leave But Amma Doesn’t See his Face she about to come out and collide with ishita.
    She tells ishita that They Leave from here and Raman tells ishita to Check once at Parking A lot.
    They See Kiran with One Man and when they see his face all are shocked Ishita tells he is Suraj Khanna Ashok’s Brother.
    Raman runs to Him and Stops him Kiran Looks at them.

    PRECAP: Bala Grabs Suraj’s collar and shouted on him he asks him how dare you Trapped my wife in your illegal business? He Asks Kiran why did she Join his business when she knew about his business. Kiran tells Him That He was threatening to Kill You. Raman tells Him That Now Police will do all the work.Suraj is Talking to Himself that real culprit still staying at your Family Now I will use that person.

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