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  • Monday, 7 May 2018

    Naamkarann 7th May 2018 Written Episode Written Update " Neil and Avni Apologize to each other"

    Lawyer makes accusations against Avni saying that she encouraged Vidyut to fall in love with her although she was married. Lawyer tells Avni that she did drama of her death and started a new life as Nilanjana. Avni’s lawyer defends Avni. Neil’s lawyer says that Avni does not seem fit to raise Neil and her child. 

    Lawyer says that Avni is an illegitimate who wanted to marry another man by betraying her husband. Neil asks his lawyer to stop it and asks him not to raise a finger on Avni’s character and humiliate her. Neil says that Vidyut just wanted to possess Avni. Neil says that Avni is a good mother and a good wife. Judge scolds Neil’s lawyer for pointing finger at Avni’s character. Neil says that he never wanted Avni to be insulted this way. 

    Judge says that the case will continue on a next date. Avni goes away angrily and Neil goes after her. Neil tells Mitali that he wants to meet Avni and apologize to her. Mitali says that he can also call her and apologize. Mitali says that her friends have kept a party for them but he can choose not to come if he wants to go to Avni. Mitali complains that he didn’t even come for her felicitation. Neil tells Mitali that he will meet her friends but right now he has to meet Avni and apologize to her.

    Neil drives his car and thinks of the bitter words of the lawyer. Neil thinks it’s all his fault. Neil tries calling Avni but cannot get through. Neil reaches Avni’s house and asks Tara and Sitara about Avni but they say she is not there. 

    Neil says that he has to search for Avni. Mowgli hears that Avni is missing and he scolds Neil and says that she went away as he made her sad. Neil promises Mowgli that he will search for his mother. Neil looks for Avni but cannot find her anywhere. Neil thinks that she is not at Aisha’s grave too. Neil remembers Avni telling him in the past to go back to the beginning when he has no other way. Neil sits in his car and goes somewhere.

     Mitali comes to Neil’s house and tells Bebe and Shweta that her friends want to meet Neil but he is nowhere to be seen and she cannot contact him too. Shweta says that Neil will definitely come. Mitali thinks that Neil cannot break his promise. Later, Mitali’s friends ask her where is Neil. Mitali gets very sad and thinks Neil has to come. Neil goes to the place where he first met Avni and finds her there. Avni thinks of past moments and gets sad. Neil meets Avni and tells her that he does not deserve her forgiveness even if he apologizes all life. Avni says that she knows he is not responsible for the lawyer’s words. Avni says that she is not made for a normal life and a normal family. Neil says that they used to fight for each other but now they are fighting with each other. Neil says that they have lost everything. Avni says that their son will have one of them. Neil says that he cannot forget her insult in court and he respects her principals. Neil asks Avni to forgive him if possible. Avni also apologizes to Neil saying that she knows she did wrong with him and hurt his heart.

    Precap: Avni says in court that she knows she is an illegitimate child and accepts her reality but she has strength to raise Mowgli and therefore she appeals for his custody.

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