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  • Thursday, 13 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 13th April 2017 Episode 2363 Written Update

    Kartik and Naira are Outside house and Kartik Said Now We are Leaving But Soon We will be Back whenever I smell Kachori’s Smell He about to leave But Mishti asked you came on Bike No car Then how can you carry So much Luggage
    Kartik told That I Thought on Bike it would be nice to travel in Cool Air
    They Told that we will send this Luggage via Car You go Now
    Naira Hugged Naitik and They left on Bike

    Goeka House
    Dadi is Crying and Manish Consoled her

    Dadi said I did everything Pooja Paath everything to keep This Family Unite But No
    I thought Kartik’s Marriage Will bring Happiness back But No and With Kittu My Breathe is Away from me
    Manish Stood up and Said “Maa Kartik ddnt leave this House Naira Take Him Away “
    Naira and kartik on Bike coming back Naira is Thinking about How Kartik gave her chance to choose Between Goeka House and Flat Suddenly Her Hand rest on his Shoulder

    Sinhania House
    Naitik asked Only I was Sensing or you sensed too That Something Wrong
    Ladies Told No May be Tiredness But Naitik still have Doubt on this
    Badi Bua Told That If There is Something between both They will sort out but Anout her In laws They are moody

    Here Kartik Stopped Bike in front of Goeka House and Naira Thought How His Decision is Changed

    Sulekhna is Puuting venom to Kirthi and Suwarna That Naira did this But Kirthi told That No Naira don’t have any fault
    Here Kartik saw One Car passed who are Followed them and he told Naira That Naksh was Following us he was worried for you I could tell your family But I dnt want them to get worry about this
    But You still ddnt give me your decision and I am waiting and he turned his Bike and Waiting for her After a Min Naira Turned and Sit on Bike but Her eyes on Goeka House and Kartik started Bike She Rest her hand on his Shoulder and Kartik Sense her Dilemma

    Goeka House
    Manish is Accusing Naira in front of Suwarna
    She Told That I Am hurt by her action But I dnt think she has fault and Without any proff I cant believe this and Kartik always Hated You so Leaving this House is May be his Decision and Sensing his anger Naira told him
    Manish Told her That She made You fool and You still thinking This I thought you are smart but She made you fool and made us Fool She Took Kartik away abut more She hurt Mom

    Here Naira and Kartik came to Flat and Kartik gave Tip to peon for took care of Luggage
    Kartik is Searching Keys but Naira gave him keys and opens door and Start Light but No Electricity cut he comes inside and Light candle and put Kalash on entrance

    Naksh Checked Naitik’s BP and he asked That they reached or not Naksh inform That Theu reached and Naksh informed what Manish Told him That Kartik must join their Business and Naitik supported too

    Here Naira Said Thank God No Electricity So I can clear something that why don’t I told you before I wanted to tell you before But ….They love You Kartik and but you dnt want to understand remember I told you and Scene where Naira told him that His Family loved him
    Naira again tried to say and She told That may be this happened to you too that You want to say Something But You ddnt get chance Same Things Happens to me That Why I ddnt tell and I was waiting that You may Stay There

    Kartik Shouted That No How Many times I told That I cant stay there and yes I loved my family but I cant stay there because if I live there they have to miss 2 people and I dnt want to hurt my dadi in this age and I never tried to hide anything but you what you did You promised person whom I hate most Both Argued and Naitik told her to come inside so that we can start our new life

    Naira pushed Kalash and came inside in Dark She looks around and Saw little preparation from him and she asked That All this You did?? He replied That yes I thought This is Your Dreams too

    Precap : Kartik sae empty bed and she saw her phone but she is No where

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