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  • Thursday, 13 April 2017

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th April 2017 Episode 1125 Written Update

    Episode Start with Mihika Shagun Ishita and Other Ladies are Selecting Songs
    Mrs Bhalla asked Mr Bhalla for Anything He told Her to make Pakodas
    Aliya came and Ishita Asked Did Adi gave any Sugggestion Ruhi came and Told That What Say Younger Generation will dance on Old Song and Older Generation Will Dance on New Songs and we will Give Name “Soch Wahi Andaaz Naya” All Agreed on This Theme
    Mrs Bhalla Told Ruhi to teach This New Dance Moves and Ishita teased Mrs Bhalla and Amma That Your Old Title You Keep

    Shagun Informs Aliya That Mani can pick up
    Raman is coming out when Peon came and Gave Him Rose Bouquet  he Smiles and Sneeze after That and Bouquet Falls Peon take one rose and rest Give To Raman and Raman told him to leave He hide That Rose in His handkerchief and He Seems Suspicious
    There Shagun and Aliya Reached Home and They Saw One Rose on The Gate..Than Aliya Phone’s Ring and Shagun Left and Aliya talked with Adi Who Told her That I have surprise for you Aliya Thought Rose From Adi That Peon Is Hiding behind Pillar Saw This

    Shagun calls Aliya Inside
    She came inside and Shagun Told her to Choose Jewelllary for Tommrow’s Pooja
    Aliya told her that I have a lot But Shagun Told her That You are Bride and You have to wear new
    Ishita came and Told That She Comes With Jewellary for her Bahu and You have to wear this in Pooja Tomorrow Shagun and Aliya’s smile disappeared hear this

    In Bhalla House Mr Bhalla is Handling Decoration Bala came to him and told him to go and get ready I will See This

    Raman and ishita In Room Geeting Ready Ishita told Raman That I still think Adi is Still Child Raman teased her That lets cancel this Marriage  He is Child and He Doesn’t Know Romance Ishita Came forward in front of him and Told Him That He is More Romantic Than You

    Mihika came and Teased Both That You both are So weired after You Come to Know That You are Going to Saas and Sasur
    Ishita Told Raman That Its Unbelievable that I am Going to become Saas (Mother –in-Law)
    I never think That I will become Saas This Early I am Still Young and I Hope I wont be Like Typical Tv Soap Like Saas
    Raman teased her that Either in Tv or Real Life Saas is Saas  and only Because of  Suaur (Father-in-low) Daughter-in-law Are Safe

    Ishita Fumes Hear this and She Mimicked That You will be Like “Bahu Bring tea Bahu bring Remote “
    Raman replied No We are Cool I will go her with club and Will Play Squash
    Ishita Replied That You are Just Acting Like Cool I know how angry You are
    Same Time Maid came and Informed That come Soon
    Raman’s phone Rings and he said I have to go for Meeting how can I forget and he Left
    There Downstairs Pooja is Going on and Pandit asked for Bahu Ishita Told him to Start Pooja She will come
    Here Aliya in Dilemma Which Jewellery she should wear ??
    Adi called her And asked You still ddnt ready You Know How much I am working so I can be available
    Adi asked her Where are You Lost She Told him She is in dilemma Adi told her That Wear That Necklace That Ishita ma Gave you That Actually sent by me  
    Adiya Told her something and she said This is Best idea and She Hang up and her Eyes Caught That Rose She remembers That If Adi gave her Necklace in Surprise Than Who gave this Rose

    Here Raman is in Hurry and his PA is Talking his Sign on Some Papers he is In Hurry and Same Peon is asking why are you so Hurry Raman Informed about Pooja than he again asked That’s Why Ruhi and Adi not came to office and He asked so many question and Raman replied in Hurry and Sign Those papers

    Here Adi gave ift to gagan that This is Gift for Chandan and His would be wife Gagan opens the gift and Saw Money and he asked are You brining me Adi laughed and Told That Because he Helped that Why this Gift and He told him too come in his Marrige

    Pandit asked again for Bahu and ishita informed They are coming and Same Time Aliya came
    In Red Saree and Ishita Prised her That You are Looking so preety Other Ladies Prised her Mihika asked is something missing This Earing is not with this Necklace Before she tell anything Shagun came from Behind
    And She Set in Pooja and Shagun Told ishita isn’t Aliya is Looking so Preety But her Earing and Necklace is Miss match I asked to change but She Said She will war like This Only
    Ishita replied That I know Why she wear like This Because she has Two Mumma So She wants to keep Both Mom Happy
    Mihika Told Ishita That She is Just Like Your Shadow And Shagun told her Same
    Panditji told to Aliya That Pooja is completed Now take Blessing

    Aliya came and 1st Took mani’s Blessing and She Said You are always 1st for me and Mani Told her That Live long But Now My Job is Finsihed Aliya argued and Hugged him
    Raman came in scene and asked Only Mani’s Bleesing not Sasur???
    She Goes to Him and about to touch his Feet But He Stopped and told her That Beiya paav nahi chute and my adi is lucky to have You Here Everyone will Give You gift but I will Give You responsibility to Make This Family together and happy just like My Ishita  

    Pihu came and Told Raman That You are Talking like Sajan ke Saural’s Mihir Like Talking Long dialogue and My Aliya Bhabhi is Crying her Makeup will ruin Further pihu told That Now Everyone come and give her blessing she will sit there
    And Everyone Gave her Blessing to Aliya
    Ishita Thinks I am Now So happy That My Daughter is coming In This House as Daughter-in-law

    Precap : Ruhi came and Told Aliya to getup and she has Belan in her Hand
    Pihu told Ruhi Why are You talking Like This

    Aliya is talking to phone and She is About to turn But Same Peon is there and he covered her Mouth  

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