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  • Thursday, 13 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 13th April 2017 Episode 293 Written Updates

    Episode Start with 

    No yes No Yes Scene Start Sona asking Dec to stay away from Suhana 
    Dev insists on meet his Daughter 
    Sona said That we are Here not going anywhere Doctor told to stay away from her and her room 
    Dev said I will be the one who will suffer what your Problem
    Suhana came and told him That I have problem Please Don’t come inside Promise me
    Dev Disappointed and Promised her Dev Sona Looka at each other and She left


    Bijoy is not eatig breakfast and asha told him to eat but he said No I am not hungry Asha Told Bijoy That its ROnita’s 1st Rasoi You should eat and He Said Sorry and Started Eating and Praised 

    Asha Gifted ROnita Necklace and here bijoy engrossed in Eating

    Mamaji came to Dev and asked You ddnt full night what is This if you Get sick who will take care of her

    He said No I am okay I am just searching on internet about Chicken Pox lets Call other doctor or Maa She have Home made remedy for any disease 
    Mamaji agreed and Told That I enjoyed this Disesase 
    Dev asked how Mamaji told him Come to me I will tell you
    Sona is seeing all this and her phone rings Asha’s call
    Bijoy asked her to let me talk to Suhana
    Asha asked sona same but Sona informed That she has Chicken box
    Asha comes far and talk because she Knows How Will Bijoy React and she Told sona That Don’t discuss with Bijoy 

    After call Bijoy asked why ddnt u let me talk to her asha lied that Suhana is sleeping

    Here Dev came to Room and Knocked on Door and asked Sonakshi 
    She came Out with Drying her hair and some drops falls on dev and he is lost in her 
    She asked “Bolo Say “
    Dev who is lost asked what ??
    Than he came to reality and Give her home remedy and Told her to keep this near suhana 

    He tried to Sneak inside room to ask how is Suhana 

    Sona Held his arms and told him she is okay very cute moments  

    Elena comes to meet and she asks howz suhana
    Sona told Elena how much she missed her sister and her close friend
    Elena gets emotional and she shared how much she missed them all Baba Dada Saurabh everyone
    Sona asked her Than  why did don’t you call us even once ??
    Elena Started Crying
    Elena said That What you did was Right But Here so Many Jealous from You And You Journey isn’t Easy here

    She further Said if you can give one chance to Complete Suhana family just think once and she left Sona in deep thought 

    Sona came to Kitchen for Water and She hear Voice she asked who is there ?? She went there and Light is Going on off and she saw one gate is Opens and dev is patting golu and after That He Came to Room and Knocked on Door Two there Time and Mamiji came from inside and Told her That She was not here from half hour and when I saw Suhana she is asking for mom so I thought to make her sleep

    Dev  started shouted her name and Called her But Phone is Not reachable he Saw Gate is open and he come to See outside Sona is Talking to jatin He fumes see this
    And Mamiji came from behind and Told That I came to Search Suhana’s mother and She too saw Sona is talking to Jatin She put fuel in Fire and she told dev that Sona ddnt Do this in this house if sona cant Stay without talking she should asked this Man Inside She should not Talked outside house
    Dev told Mamiji that I dnt care But She …Mamiji cut off him and told him that She Should be with her daughter But you dnt worry We all Here for Your Daughter and What I said For Suhana and Rest You People Know Better she smirked and left
    Dev is Pacing and sona came inside and About to pass him
    He asked Where were you ??
    She Told That You told jatin not to come in this house so I was talking to jatin outside
    Dev told I dnt acre but you should be with Suhana
    Sona replied so that You think I am bed Mother 7 years I care for my daughter Dev told no Not alone there are so many peoples
    Sona replied back that You should 1st decide why are you angry becoz of insecurity or Suhana’s health
    Said That She left

    Dev and sona In deep Thoughts about Their Past

    Precap : Dev held her hand and Told her that You are not Good mother

    Sona replied That I love my daughter Just Like I Loved You 

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