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  • Wednesday, 19 April 2017

    "KAIRA Seal it with KISS " Yeh Rishta Kya Kahalata Hai 19th April 2017 Episode

    Kartik Came into Kicthen Yawning and Said Good Morniung Sherni
    She replied  Good Morning  kartik Said only Good Morning ??
    My Sherni Ddnt tell me Mendak…I see It seems like my Sherni Become Billi Today he came and Side Hugged her But She ddnt Nudge He Sensed and Take back and Asked Making tea??
    Naira Said yes Will You Drink ? Kartik Said I will Drink Poison too from Your Hand and He Turned her and Kissed her on forehead and left

    Naira Scold Herself That when You supposed to Scare You ddnt now You Are Scaring
    Kartik Said I am Going to Office and I will Come Soon He About to left and Turned and Said Arey
    One Kis- Mis Please Put Kismis in Pulao I love it and He left
    Naira Closed that Door and She received Ananya’s call
    Ananya Asked are You okay ??
    Naira asked yes why are you asking ??
    Ananya said I was Fell sick after next day of Marriage and Naira said me too
    Than She said I Thought I Am Sherni But Actually I am Mice even worst
    Ananya Said I know That Why I called and Naira asked Is this Happen to Everyone ?
    Ananya said Don’t know About Others But happens With So many And she Explained That Kartik loves You and Respected You don’t let This Moment Go

    Kirthi and Mansi are Laughing on something and Dadi scold Her That You Laugh like This and Why are You sitting here See that naira Take her Husband Away next day and You don’t even Know Where are Your Husband ?? And where you will Celebrate Ganguar Either Asked Aditya to come here or Go Delhi

    Kartik came Back Home and when he Saw Naira in Towel and Robe Naira asked him to come Quickly
    Kartik comes with one family who wants to see their Flat as They too want flat in this Building

    They came in and look around Naira about to Stop Kartik But He Called By Landlord again
    Landlord Said let me take To You to bedroom naira Stopped in front of Bedroom and Said You cant Go Inside kartik Said No need to embarrassed if Room is messy and He Opened the Bedroom and Saw That Fully decorated for Wedding Night

    That Family understand and Said That Nice You have decorated Room Very beautifully and left
    Here They left Naira knocked on Room but Naira Said Go away
    Kartik tried to pacify her and asked her to open the Room and She Opens
    He looks around the Room is Decorated By Rose Petal and Naira is walking on That In White Saree

    Naira came to Him and Said I Love in his Ear and Kissed His Cheeks and She About to Run But Kartik held her Hand and Hugged her Hand And Both Danced Intimately

    After That Their Sensuous Romance Start (Ahem Don’t Disturb them )
    He carried her to bed and She Blows off Candle Their Romance continue there
    He Kissed her on Forehead Nose Then Cheeks and Scene faded Away

    Naksh Come With Mitthi for Murti and all teased Him
    They asked about Ganguar Pooja at Goeka how they will celebrate
    Here Goeka are Preparaing for Ganguar Pooja and one men come with Mitthi For Murti Dadi told To come with Only for 4 murti But Suwarna Told That Naira will make her murti own
    Dadi Told That is she Keeping Or You Begged her ??
    Dadi scold more and Suwarna Tried to defend But Daadi ddnt listen her

    Bhabhi Maa called Goeka;s for Asking about ganguar but Dadi told servant that Say they are Busy and Dadi told Manish See they are calling Now Suwarna Listen all This

    Naira Yawning In bed and Opens her Eyes and Found her Self alone in Bed and She saw Time 9 o clock She Jerks Set up and Kartik came with tea and Slips with her in bed and Side Hugged her he asked what are You seeing ??
    Kartik teased her That Sherni again become Billi
    Naira Retorted That Effect of living with mendak
    They teased each other and Again their Romance to Start but Phone Rings and love kush called
    He attend Call and Kids said we are Missing You There are Preparation going Going on for Gangaur wont You come kartik hears Manish Ordering behind Something
    He looks at Naira and Said we wont come if they wont call and he Cut call Naira is Upset

    Precap : Kartik Said We wont go if they wont call
    Dadi told suwarna that they wont come Don’t wait and Here Naira told kartik to Go There and Goeka are Watched on Door and Shocked 

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