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  • Wednesday, 19 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 19th April 2017 Episode 297 Written Updates

    Episode Start with 

    Episode starts with Sona asked mama ji about speaking to Ishwari aunty
    He said weather was bad so no contact  do u have any work with her
    dev Told  No mamaji Sona That You are Being Nosey in Their Life She has This Habit
     Sona Said What You mean He Said My House My Rule
    Both have Argument and Sona Said When You will Grow Up than talk to me and Left from There
    Dev Asked what is That Mean and Mamaji said She is Right
    Mamiji’s Hand Burnt  while making tea, Sona come to help But She said No need .  Sona Thinks may be Mamiji knows about that Men who is ishwari’s Enemy But Mamiji said I Dnt Know and Sona left Disappointedly  

    Jatin calls Sona, that he had seen that stranger Men  in front of Dixit house again and he had followed him He Sent her location and Told her to come
    Sona Said She cant As Suhana Just Sleep But Jatin Told her to come Soon
    Bijoy And Asha have cute moment and he told her to pack Stuff they are Going somewhere

    Sona Told Elena To take care of Suhana She has Some work and She left
    Dev Overhears and Follows Her and Jatin

    Jatin Halt car Near One caffe and Sona Remembers Her and Dev’s Coffee date
    She is Lost and Jatin asked what happened ??
    She told she is worried for Dev’s Reaction and Jatin tried to say That This is Your Decision Dev Saw them in zooming camera of phone and he remembers same Sacene as Sona and He left

    Here Suhana and Mamaji and Golu are having 


    Fun and he remembers What ishwari told him about Kids and their innocence
    Someone Knocked on Car’s window and Servant from Café Asked her Old Coffee and he saw Jatin and Asked where is Bhaiya ?? When You ddnt come Than Bhaiya came here so Many time

    Sona Shared That How Dev and She came here at Night and Talked whole Night and Dev used to go office from here He has habit of wakeup whole Night
    Than she saw Khatri and She about to go Jatin also tried to come but she Said No I will Manage
    She Goes to Him and Said I want to talk to you something

    Saurabh and ROnita came to Hotel But Saurabh is Not happy but Ronita make him agree In Same Hotel Bijoy and Asha has came

    Mamiji is Talking over phone and Suhana came and Hugged her She Shocked And Said How can You Hug me What if I too get Chicken pox Mamaji and Golu came and Said we made You fool Mamaji teased that You have red marks on Your face May be You too have Chicken pox

    Khatri threaten her That Leave from here Otherwise You will be Killed
    Sona Told That I can Give You Money for This Deal but I want Something In return
    Khatri Said You Know Whom you are Talking ??
    Sona Told That I know You will take This Money and tell me Truth with 2 condition
    1st Tell me truth and 2nd Go away from here

    Dev Reached Home But Still remembers That Car scene
    Elena came and asked what happened ?
    Dev Said Nothing But Elena is Asking again and Dev changed Topic by asking her model Things
    Elena laughed and Said You can talk to me about Sona

    Here Khatri told sona to leave With Your Money I only talk With Ishwari
    And I will money from ishwari
    Sona Said I wont let this happen Khatri said leave From Here this is my Area and on my one Signal You will be Finished

    Elena asked are You sure Only this Nothing more? She said But You Just Think after meeting with sona You are not cool you irritate in seconds Just go and tell sona everything and she left

    Sona told Kahtri that I dnt have fear from You
    Khatri said Now You are just like ishwari In Young age she become Widow But She was Strong and she did Something like This
    Sona asked what she did??
    Khtari said So You don’t Know ??

    Precap : Khstri tell sona that ishwari did a crime and That Raaz only I Know Not even Your Dev 

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