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  • Wednesday, 19 April 2017

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2017 Episode 1131 Written Updates

    Episode Start with 

    Gagan’s mother adamant to Kill Aditya But Roshi’s Mother Stopped her
    Gagan’s mother Asked why you are Here ?? Just Go from here
    Roshni’s mother Said I Want to know who killed my jamai I want to the reason
    Gagan’s Mother Said That what I want to do Kill Him..She pointed Gun Again But Roshni’s Mother
    Said Death is Not Real punishment for him…Aditya tried to Said that take some money But Roshini’s mother gest Furious to hear this Aditya Said Sorry But I can do anything…Anything You Say
    They all Look other and Roshini’s mother Told him If you can do anything Just Marry her
    Aditya Shocked to hear this He Said I am Already Engaged but Her Mother continued That My daughter is Sitting In Mandap You have to marry her

    Gagan’s Mother Supported That Yes He Has To marry and Now
    Otherwise I will File Complaint too
    Aditya Said I am Agree for Police But I cant marry her
    Gagan told her mother That Go and Get ready Pooja and Other Thing I will make Him Agree and he Ordered his Men that Make Him wear Chandan’s Dress and Aditya Shocked

    Here Ishita Search another way to Reach Ghaatpur but it will Take 5 Hours Raman Frown and Said 5 hours ..But ishita Said So what we are doing for Aditya Raman agreed

    Here Gagan came to Room and Shouted and Caught aditya’s collar that Why are you not Ready yet
    Aditya Said I will Search a Good boy for Her But gagan Throw him on bed and Said Go and Get ready You Killed my Brother Now Do as what I said and He Throw Dress on Him But Aditya Denied again He Sowehow Stand on His feet and Said I cant Marry And If you wannna Kill me Than Just do It But I cant marry he Gives Adi one punch and his Men Make him wear dress Forcefully
    Gagan came out with Adi caught by his Men

    There Raman and Ishita are watching One Barat going on Ishita is Excited that after Some Days Our aditya’s barat will like this
    Raman said I think GPS is Stuck and We are Lost our Way
    Ishita said What raman What I am talking and What You are
    Raman said its Because of You we stuck here
    Ishita Said You said you can do anything And You cant even Find a way
    Raman Said Don’t Boss around there on Aditya he saw GPS connection is Back and They are 15 Minutes away from Ghaatpura and they Started Car again

    Here Aditya is Forcefully sit in the Mandap and Gun Pointed on his head and He remembers all the Old Moments with Aliya
    He tried to free Himself just than Bride came in sit beside him and pandit told to Extend Hands Aditya took the situation and Snatch Gun from Gagan and Stand Up and Pointed out Gun Gagan he Said he can’t marry and Destroy her and my Life He Told Pandit to give Phone to him Pandit give Phone and Aditya calls Police But Gagan’s Mother Snatch Gun and Gagan Caught Aditya and Her mother Said We don’t take police’s order here on Kanakpur
    Aditya Told Gagan’s Mother to pull the trigger but I wont Marry her
    Gagan’s mother Drag Gagan and Told Him that Aditya have to marry that Girl Find out any weak point Just than Gagan’s Men Come with Kalli servant and They told gagan that they caught this Servant he was calling aditya’s parents gagan have idea and he said to his Mother that we have aditya’s weekness

    Raman Stops car for Tea Break and One Men Informed agan that Adiya’s parents have reached Ghaatpur
    Ishita asked The Tea Shopkeeper You Know Chandan’s House way His Marriae today we are Going there

    Gagan’s One Men Interrupted and Told Raman that he knows You You are Aditya’s father we saw you on Factory and one men Slipped from their Site and Video called To Gagan and Gagan Showed This to Aditya and Told him I will free You Now But what will happen to Youar Parents Just Think
    Aditya Panicked and asked what are You doing Gagan said  My men is There with Him

    Here Men asked ISHRA that Aditya Know You are Coming ??
    They said No we wanna Surprise Him But men Lied That Aditya left for Delhi
    He Said he left early from marriage Ishra Said They Will leave and That Phone is showing all this To Aditya
    Gagan asked what You decide Now ??? Will You marry to Roshni???

    Precap : Aditya and Roshni are marrying and Ishita asked raman to go to temple with her This Village have temple who’s sindoor is Pious and I want to take that for Aliya
    Aditya take Vermala in his hand

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