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  • Thursday, 6 October 2022

    "Anupamaa Beats Paritosh In Garba With Anger, Paritosh Kidnaps Pari " Anupamaa Upcoming 6th October 2022

    "Anupamaa Beats Paritosh In Garba With Anger, Paritosh Kidnaps Pari " Anupamaa Upcoming 6th October 2022

    "Anupamaa Beats Paritosh In Garba With Anger, Paritosh Kidnaps Pari " Anupamaa Upcoming 6th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the pandal. G.K reminds Hasmukh and Jignesh how Leela gave away the prize to Anuj and Anupama in the previous year's garba function.



    Leela climbs the stage. Anupama and Anuj give the prize respectfully to Leela. The host requests Leela to speak a few awards. Though Leela hesitates, she expresses her happiness in getting the award from Anuj and Anupama. She tells that though Anupama isn’t her daughter-in-law anymore, still they have a good relationship. Barkha is excited to see the drama that’s going to happen next. When Leela calls Anupama to be her daughter, one of the ladies from her neighborhood screams at her for lying.


    Anupamaa 6th October Today's Episode Written Update


     The ladies in the pandal accuse Leela of torturing Anupama. Leela loses her mind and blames them for harassing their daughter-in-law too. The ladies blame Paritosh for doing the same thing with Kinjal as Vanraj did to Anupama. They disclose Paritosh’s affair and Kinjal’s decision to divorce him. Vanraj tells them that it’s their family matter and they shouldn’t interfere.



    Hasmukh asks the ladies to consider the environment before being argumentative. He tells them that everyone is there to celebrate but not to argue. The neighbors and the Shahs get into an argument when Anupama stops them. 

    She tells everyone that every family has its issues but there’s love and care too. She tells them that she can fight her issues and that whatever issues she has with Leela are her own. She thanks Anuj for supporting her in every fight. She requests everyone not to speak on her behalf but respect every woman and stand for each other.


    Anuj asks them to forget their anger and start the function. Anupama starts the function with her amazing dancing skills. The audience cheers. Leela asks Pakhi to join. Rakhi appreciates Anupama for enjoying the festival forgetting everything and tells Kinjal that they should do the same. She asks her to have some fun. After Anupama’s special dance gets over, everyone applauds.


    Meanwhile, Anuj announces that he’s not only the chief guest but their chief DJ as well. Everyone claps. Anuj asks everyone to participate and dance their heart out to the songs he’s going to play. The Shahs, Kapadias, and others present in the pandal play dandiya with the song played. Kinjal gets offended seeing Paritosh and so does the family. Paritosh holds her hand forcefully.

     When Anupama faces him, he plays dandiya with her recklessly but soon one of his sticks falls as she hits hard. Though he keeps behaving rudely, Anupama hits his other stick which falls on the ground too.



    She holds his hand and snatches him aside. She reminds him that she’s her mother and no less hotheaded than he is. Paritosh fumes in anger when Vanraj asks him to come along with him to have a cold drink. Anupama doesn’t want to spoil her mood on the last day of Navratri. Vanraj takes Paritosh outside the pandal and asks him why he came there after he forbid him. He tells him that he’s tolerating his nonsense because of their father-son relationship and would forget that if he crosses his limit once more. While Paritosh tries to explain, Vanraj asks him to go away.



     He warns Paritosh that if he continues this behavior, then he will yearn to see his daughter later. Paritosh tells him that he’s already yearning to be with Pari as he has to take Kinjal’s permission to hold his daughter. He explains how lonely he’s in his own family. He blames him for making him alone at the festival too. Vanraj asks him to realize his mistake first and accept whatever decision is taken after reaching home. He goes inside the pandal when Paritosh decides to take his own decision. Anupama tries to get normal seeing Vanraj entering the pandal.


     Samar cheers up Anupama and everyone dances again. Rakhi guards the baby. Pakhi and Adhik dance together when Leela and Vanraj keep an eye on them. Soon, Adhik takes Pakhi with him. Vanraj goes looking for them. Adhik takes Pakhi aside and tells her that he wants to kiss her because she’s looking beautiful. Vanraj finds Pakhi and Adhik on the dance floor. Anupama gets emotional seeing her family and so does Anuj. As everyone’s busy dancing and enjoying the festival, Anupama finds Pari missing from her cot. She finds a note there.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 7th October 2022 :

     Vanraj decides to go looking for Paritosh. Kinjal panics as Pari goes missing. Anupama drives the car to find her son so that she can bring Pari to Kinjal.

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