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  • Monday, 8 August 2022

    "Vanraj's Intention to Hurt Anuj, Anupamaa Senses Something is Wrong " Anupamaa Upcoming 8th August 2022


    "Vanraj's Intention to Hurt Anuj, Anupamaa Senses Something is Wrong " Anupamaa Upcoming 8th August 2022

    "Vanraj's Intention to Hurt Anuj, Anupamaa Senses Something is Wrong " Anupamaa Upcoming 8th August 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anuj massages Anu’s legs who are all asleep and tired after dancing throughout.



     He tells Anupama that if Anu wouldn’t call the Shahs to join the celebration, then both the families wouldn’t have celebrated the festival together. Anupama thanks him for accepting the Shahs in the house after all the mess. Anuj tells her that the relationship with the Shahs will have new boundaries from the next day.

    Anupamaa 8th August July Today's Episode Written Update


     Vanraj taunts Pakhi for being with Anupama forgetting what happened the previous day. Hasmukh asks him if he’s disappointed seeing his family happy. Vanraj tells him that Anupama has made him a villain over the years and taunts Anuj and Anupama for being the ideal of greatness. He regrets not being able to make a family like Anuj. Anuj tells Anupama that they shouldn’t force their dreams on Anu and wants their daughter to be like Anupama.


     Anupama wants Anu to be like his father too. Vanraj gets disheartened as he feels that he’s never enough for his family. Hasmukh asks him to stop as he is responsible for his fate. He blames Vanraj for taking wrong decisions in life and crying over it. He asks him not to accuse them unnecessarily as they decide to go to Anupama’s place. Kavya asks Vanraj what his problem is. Vanraj screams and tells that Anuj is his problem.



     Kavya tells him that he is his problem and asks him to calm down. Vanraj screams and blames Anuj for his failures. Anuj and Anupama get ready to sleep. When Anupama feels pain in her legs, she asks Anuj to keep his legs on hers. 

    Leela holds Vanraj’s hand who is sitting on the stairs of the main door. She asks Vanraj to get rid of his anger as it may ruin him. He hugs her. Leela asks him not to win the darkness over the light of the day.



    Vanraj assures her that he will change everything. Hasmukh overhears their conversation. Anupama tells Anuj that he has taken the right decision by not making the announcement. Anuj tells her that he has stopped himself as it was a festive day but will do so the next day. He feels that his decision to stay separated is the need of the hour. Vanraj walks down the street and curses Anuj for ruining his life.


    Hasmukh regrets in front of Leela for still being alive to see Vanraj disheartened and seeing others happy. He tells Leela that Vanraj’s mindset is getting narrower every day. He fears that Vanraj’s anger might lead him in the wrong direction. Anupama trusts Anuj’s decision and asks him again if he’s sure of his decision. Anuj tells her that his world consists of Anu, G.K, and her and it’s his responsibility to protect his world. He asks her to do the same by staying less in touch with the Shahs. He tells her that they should maintain distance from Vanraj and Barkha and Ankush.




    He hugs her and asks her to dress like a bride so that he faints. Vanraj decides to take revenge on Anuj and ruin him permanently. Anuj gets a text from Vanraj asking him to meet with him after the puja. He hides Vanraj’s text from Anupama.The next morning, Anupama does her morning rituals and prays for the day to go well as puja is arranged for both her families.


     Anuj makes Anu’s braids. Ankush notices them and feels Barkha be right as they cannot come down to the streets again due to their finances. Anuj and Anu take a photo together. Anupama enters the room and praises Anu and her outfit. Anuj tells them that he’s planning for a vacation where he wants to spend quality time with them. They again click a photo together. Later, Anuj asks Anupama to hurry up as everyone’s about to reach the temple.


     While he waits for her, Anupama arrives wearing a red saree as he wanted. Anuj is surprised to see her and both of them get romantic and enjoy the moment. He puts sindoor on her forehead. Anupama prays for their happiness and expresses her love for him. The Shahs and Kapadias reach the temple. Adhik asks the Shahs about Vanraj. Kavya asks him if he’s missing Vanraj. She feels that Sara should have been there. Ankush informs her that Sara has gone to attend the wedding of her friend. Anuj and Anupama complete the puja at their home. While they were about to step out, Anupama stops Anuj as she feels restless and wants to stop him. Anuj tells her that it’s okay to feel restless after what has happened in the past days. He tells her that they cannot stop what is meant to happen.



     He asks her to trust Kanha ji as he’ll take care of everything. They reach the temple where everyone’s waiting for them to arrive. Vanraj sits inside his car and keeps an eye on Anuj’s car. Kinjal praises Anuj and Anupama for looking like a newlywed couple. G.K suggests the panditji to start the puja. The puja starts when Anupama gets a weird feeling. Vanraj waits for Anuj outside the temple. When the puja was about to start for Anuj and Anupama, suddenly there was a storm.


    Pakhi and Anu protect the diya from getting blown in the air. Anuj tries to get romantic with Anupama when she asks him to behave as if they are in the temple. Kavya calls Vanraj and comes to know that he’s out. 

    Anuj decides to talk to Ankush after the prasad gets distributed. He gets a text from Vanraj as he’s waiting for him outside the temple. Anupama, Anuj, and Anu do a ritual together. When Anuj tells Anupama that he’s going to meet Vanraj, Anupama forbids him not to. Anupama decides to accompany him but he stops her. She requests him not to go meet Vanraj. Anuj tries to calm her down and asks her not to inform anyone that he’s meeting Vanraj. He kisses Anupama’s forehead and leaves to meet Vanraj.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 9th August 2022 :

     While Anupama does the ritual, Vanraj sits at Anuj’s car. Anuj sits beside him. Vanraj rushes to the car and meets with an accident. Anupama and Kavya break down into tears.

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