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  • Tuesday, 21 June 2022

    "Kinjal's Falls By Barkha's Mistake, Vanraj Shouts on Anupamaa and Ankush" Anupamaa Upcoming 21st June 2022


    "Kinjal's Falls By Barkha's Mistake, Vanraj Shouts on Anupamaa and Ankush"  Anupamaa Upcoming 21st June 2022

    "Kinjal's Falls By Barkha's Mistake, Vanraj Shouts on Anupamaa and Ankush"  Anupamaa Upcoming 21st June 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Samar switches on the music and asks everyone to join. When Anuj and Ankush enter, they find their house to be in a party mood.



    They join the party and dance together. Anupama keeps an eye on Pakhi and Adhik as they blush to see each other. Barkha smiles seeing Anuj and Ankush lying on the floor and dancing together. Samar tells Kinjal that Barkha seems normal sometimes. Kinjal feels Barkha is like Kavya who’s sweet and bitter depending on her mood. Pakhi calls Barkha to be classy even when she’s angry.

    Anupamaa 21st June Today's Episode Written Update


    Vanraj feels upset being away from his children. Leela tells him that he should have stopped them from going to the party. Vanraj tells her that he’s worried for Pakhi as she doesn’t understand things deeply. He cannot tolerate losing his kids. Leela gets reminded of Pakhi and Adhik’s friendship at the housewarming party of the Kapadia. Barkha asks Ankush about his first day at the office. Ankush asks her to enjoy it for now as they can talk about it later.


    Pakhi clicks a selfie when Anuj asks Sara and Adhik to join. Ankush tells Barkha that Anuj and Anupama do not differentiate among kids. Vanraj shows the photo of Leela posted by Pakhi on her social media. The game starts at the party where the girl's team wins. Kinjal slips her leg while she was drawing the picture on the whiteboard but somehow balances herself.




    Anupama makes her sit. Anupama asks everyone to end the party and sleep as Kinjal needs to sleep too. No one agrees to sleep and wants the party to continue for a few minutes. Anupama gives them the time till midnight. She goes to bring milk for Kinjal and asks others if they need anything. Anuj asks her to dance. Everyone requests her to dance. Vanraj stays awake and recalls Pakhi’s excitement to visit the Kapadia house. Hasmukh asks him why he hasn’t slept yet.


     Vanraj tells him that he doesn’t feel sleepy and feels strange without kids. Hasmukh agrees with him. Both of them discuss Kinjal’s would-be child. Vanraj decides to take care of the newborn and doesn’t want to send Kinjal to Rakhi’s house.


    Hasmukh tells him that it should be Kinjal’s decision whether to stay in Shah's house or Rakhi’s house after her delivery. Vanraj tells him that whatever a father does is never enough. Hasmukh tells him that a child needs both parents. Anupama dances at everyone’s request. The family enjoys her dance performance. Anuj joins Anupama. Kinjal gets up to keep her empty glass. Meanwhile, Barkha stands up looking at her phone. She slips her leg and pushes Kinjal by mistake.



     Kinjal falls to the floor. Anupama screams and so does Samar. Vanraj suddenly wakes up from sleep and feels restless. Kavya asks him if he’s alright. Vanraj tells her that there’s going to be something wrong that he can feel. He goes to see Leela and Hasmukh and finds them sleeping in their room. He checks Paritosh too. Kavya asks him to calm down. He’s afraid.


     Kavya tries to make him relax. He hugs her. Paritosh comes downstairs in fear and tells him about Kinjal. Anuj drives the car. Anupama handles Kinjal and cries for her baby. Kinjal gets nervous and worries about her child. Samar gives courage to Kinjal. Meanwhile, Barkha cries and tells everyone that she didn’t do anything purposely. She worries for Kinjal and her baby. Pakhi cries and blames herself for coming to the party even after Vanraj had asked them not to. Vanraj drives the car to the Kapadia house. Paritosh, Kavay, and Hasmukh accompany him.


    Everyone prays for Kinjal and her child. Adhik offers a glass of water. Ankush asks Barkha to relax as it was an accident. Barkha tells him that Kinjal has fallen on the floor for her sake. Vanraj arrives there and hears Barkha blaming herself for Kinjal falling on the floor. He loses his temper. Barkha apologizes to him and calls it an accident. Vanraj blames  Barkha for the accident. Ankush asks him not to scream. Both of them get into an argument. Adhik asks Ankush to calm down.



    Hasmukh consoles Vanraj. When Paritosh looks for Kinjal, Pakhi tells him that Anuj, Anupama, and Samar have taken Kinjal to the clinic. Anupama comes home with Kinjal. Vanraj asks her what has happened to Kinjal. Kinjal cries seeing Paritosh.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd June 2022 :

     Vanraj blames Anupama for Kinjal’s accident. He tells her that his children and daughter-in-law will never visit her palace.

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