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  • Saturday, 18 June 2022

    "Anupamaa's 1st Rasoi After Marriage, Barkha Gets Shocked to Know About Anupamaa Dance Academy " Anupamaa Upcoming 18th June 2022


    "Anupamaa's 1st Rasoi After Marriage, Barkha Gets Shocked to Know About Anupamaa Dance Academy " Anupamaa Upcoming 18th June 2022

    "Anupamaa's 1st Rasoi After Marriage, Barkha Gets Shocked to Know About Anupamaa Dance Academy " Anupamaa Upcoming 18th June 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anupama prepares breakfast and calls her students to inform them to come to the dance academy for dance.



    Barkha enters the kitchen and scolds Kamal for using plastic containers in the kitchen. Anupama tells her that she has brought the plastic containers and kept them near the gas stove. She tells Barkha that the kitchen looks like her own now. Meanwhile, Anuj, Ankush, Sara and Adhik enter the kitchen and get excited to see the halwa prepared by Anupama. G.K gets excited to see the halwa too. Pakhi asks Samar to leave her alone.

    Anupamaa 18th June Today's Episode Written Update


    Paritosh tells Pakhi that she’s not right always. Her brothers try to explain how her behaviour hurts Vanraj. When they leave, Pakhi checks her notification on the phone and finds that Adhik has followed her on social media. She smiles and decides to visit the Kapadia house no matter what others say. Anuj, Adhik and G.K attack the halwa and enjoy it. Sara joins them too. Barkha and Adhik find it awkward. Adhik whispers to Barkha that Ankush’s behaviour is just like a child's.


     Barkha hints Ankush to stop. She asks Anuj when he’s going to join his office. Anuj tells her that he has already joined the office as he had an online meeting in the morning. Ankush asks Anuj if he can join his business as he’s getting bored in the house. Anuj agrees and then asks Anupama if Ankush can join their family business. Anupama gets into a tough situation.




     Later, when she packs lunch for Anuj, she decides to talk to him. She writes a small letter to Anuj that she’s very angry at his behaviour. Ankush asks Anuj to inform him about the client's details while driving to the office. Barkha tells Ankush that he has to behave like a strict boss as it’s India. G.K tells her that Anuj, being the boss of the company, is never strict and rude to his employees and so is loved by everyone.



    Anuj asks Ankush to ask anything G.K to know about the business as he takes G.K’s advice before taking any decision. Adhik taunts Anuj for G.K and Anupama being his advisory team. Anuj tells him that he has the best team and welcomes Ankush.


    Pakhi gets to hurt her toes while walking in the living room. Vanraj takes care of her. She apologizes to him for misbehaving. Vanraj asks her to visit Anupama’s house but listen to the elders too. Pakhi shows him the pictures of their party in the newspaper. Vanraj recalls Barkha’s behaviour at the party. He feels that the differences in both the family will affect his relationship with his children. Anupama packs Anuj’s lunchboxes when Anuj brings her lunchboxes. He asks her to join her project on the restaurant. When he gets upset for a while, Anupama asks him the reason for it.



    Anuj tells her that his father and Ankush’s father have also started their business together but eventually got separated due to several issues. He fears that money would break his relationship with Ankush too. He knows that Ankush isn’t a bad person but money separates people. Barkha gives the lucky watch to Ankush and asks him to use the opportunity as Barkha, Sara and Adhik are dependent on him.


    Ankush asks her not to worry as Anupama and Anuj didn’t create an issue regarding him joining the business. He tells her that Anuj and he will take Kapadia's business to the next level. Barkha reminds him how her brother betrayed Adhik and her and grabbed the entire property. Ankush asks her to relax as Anuj isn’t that type. Barkha wishes him good luck and reminds him that he has to be Anuj’s partner soon on papers. Anupama asks Anuj to have his lunch. She gives the lunchbox to Ankush too. She makes them eat curd and sugar to the brothers and wishes them good luck.


    Sara and Ankush wish them good luck to Ankush for his first day at the office. Pakhi keeps her phone on charging in the living room. Vanraj takes another charger which is kept beside Pakhi’s. Meanwhile, Anupama gets ready for going to her dance academy.

     Sara calls her cool for being a homemaker and a working woman too. Barkha asks her if she works. Anupama tells her that she has a dance academy and works at Anuj’s office on a restaurant project. She thanks the almighty for everything.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 19th June 2022:

     Barkha advises Adhik to be close to Anuj like Anupama’s children are. Sara visits the Shah house with Anupama and invites them. Vanraj objects.

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